People in your life which look lot like MITM cast


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Have you ever encountered people in your life which looked a lot like or reminded you of any of the cast members of Malcom in the Middle? I am curious to hear more stories.
Here are two of mine:

On the skating track today I saw a kid that looked exactly like Dewey. And I mean EXACTLY. From the haircut to the ears and his smile. Even his expressions. I think he was 9 or 10 years old and it made me look twice because the similarities struck me so much.

Another thing I noticed recently. I love how every time I visit the MITM forum there are different photos from the gallery at the bottom of the page. There’s a particular photo-shoot of Bryan Cranston in which he looks a lot like a friend of mine. My friend is only a few years younger than Bryan and I’m sure if I would show one of those photos to any of our mutual friends they would ask me when *….* did this photo-shoot. One of his hobbies involves acting, modeling and photography so it wouldn’t be strange to them if he did something like this. Even with different haircuts Bryan still looks a lot like my friend but it wasn’t until I saw that photo shoot I noticed the similarities. Crazy. I bet it would crack my friend up if I would tell him. In fact in the past a lot of people told him he should take a serious try at acting because he has such a characteristic face. ;)
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