Pearl Harbor


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Why does no1 like this episode??? i thought that the issue of sexuality was well handled and very funny!!!!!
does any1 think that this episode was a way of Justin Berfield to tell every1 he's not gay???


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I dont know who you have been speaking to but I think this episode is one of the best if not the best Malcolm in the Middle episode ever. I laugh so hard when the boys are dancing and when the birds come out and reinact the Pearl Harbor event


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The entire episode has an interesting premise. I just wish it would get shown in Australia.

And, reese, it's probably not a good thing to bring up the actors and their sexuality. It often ends in poor taste and flame wars--although this place would be above that methinks. And it's irrelevant anyway. Despite the fact that I think, "no" becase I doubt Berfield had anything to do with the production of the episode.