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First things first- David, are you webmaster for If so read on:

Following the imense success of the qotes quiz, I thought it might be fun, if as a forum we compiled our own quiz of character, eppisode, quote, etc. related questions which could then be placed on the website for visitors to use- help intice them into this great forum. Even potential give them a rating based on their score- i'm getting a bit ahead of myself, it would probably involve too much work. Any way just a suggestion:)


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I'm not David, and I'm not the webmaster (David is, btw). But David is usually open to any types of ideas like these by the members. In the past, he's added an extensive photo gallery, character journals, and more.

You'll have to wait for David to reply, but my guess is that he'll tell you to work with the other members and create the quiz, and then he'll be happy to do the programming and put it online.


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You mean like on the BBC page? Sounds good. Except for the member ratings part. That would be a bit unfair and might discourage people who do badly.
Emrysgirl said:
You mean like on the BBC page? Sounds good. Except for the member ratings part. That would be a bit unfair and might discourage people who do badly.
I didnt explain the rating thing particuarly well- I just meant there would be an outcome to the quiz based on the number of questions you answer correctly, like giving you a character, e.g. full marks- Malcolm score. I understand what you mean though. Also the BBC quiz is


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I am indeed the webmaster here and there and we are always open to suggestions. Firstly we need to refine you idea down to one type of quiz to start, we can make more later but we need a starting point.

I can make I multiple choice quiz using flash and javascript currently, so It certainly is possible, plus you idea of giving people a "malcolm" "dewey" etc rating is a good idea.

May I suggest something which we were planning on doing a few months ago, but which kind of disappeared.. A "which character are you" quiz, or if you have an "ultimate mitm quiz" thats fine.

As yardgames says, I don't have the time to sit through everyone epsiode to conjure up a quiz, so I usuall tell people to write the quiz, PM it to me with answers(!) and I'll make it for them.

Once you refined what you want to do exactly we can start discussing it in more detail. Its certainly a good idea, and it most probably will go down well in the forums and no doubt the main VC.

You can create quizzes without me of course, a very simple programme called Hot Potatoes ( can make some fantastic web quizzes really quick and simply - and its free (just requires a registration)

You can then upload the html quiz or email it to webmaster at and I'll put it up for you.
Yeah, thats what I meant, I think it would possibly be easier if we open a thread to give suggestion questions and answers? The 'identify your character quiz' is a cool idea, but the questions would be harder to come up with, as it would involve deciding on questions which allow answers to work out you personality, using the typical format of 'mostly B answers = whoever' .