New: Chat & Shout Box - How to use?


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As you may have noticed the ShoutBox has been replaced and updated with a anew version. Its now a "Chat" and "Shout" Box. It has all the stuff the old Box has, and you can use it in that same way.

However it has a new features some that make it a "Chat" box.
  • You can see the active users
  • Click on a username in the main chat window and you can "PM" them, basically a private chat room
  • Edit your shouts, just double click on them
  • Delete shout, just double click them and select delete
  • Archive - see old shouts and see top shouters
  • It displays new threads/posts when they happen if your active in shout
  • Options - For advanced users, you can change filters, and ignore users (but why would you wanna do that?!)
  • And more....
Type /me is excited
and you get *tjpeople is excited*

[It also congrats you every 100 posts!]

Any problems/questions post here.
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The shout box has been disabled. There was a security flaw discovered, I will keep an eye out for a fix and if not I may find an alternative.