New Adverts Coming Soon


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Due to the success of AdBrite adverts at the main VC, I have decided to bring them here as well.

What are they?

They are simply a row of 5 or so text adverts which will be located discreetly at the top of every page under the navigation bar.

There will also be approximately 1 intermission advert per cookie session. Therefore if you don't delete your internet files that much you will perhaps only receive one of these once a month or so. They take up the full screen temporarily, but there is a button at the top to "conintune the the MITMVC" If you click back on these you will receive them again, you have to click continue or somewhere else on our page.

Why are we doing this?

Well its simple, I want to keep the site open for you guys, but I also want to go to Uni! Going to Uni is going to cost me lots of money, so the idea is that these forums and main VC will pay for themselves - and I'm happy to say that at current they will be doing that!

Can I buy and ad at the main VC?

Many of you may own businesses or small websites you want to advertise, you can do that in our text adverts. Costs will vary but currently its just under $3.00 per month.

I hate ads, and I'm a moderator/senior member - why should I have to view them!

You don't! We shall be leaving the "blue" default template clean of ads for you guys. If popular demand insists a secondary green template will be set up exclusively for you guys!

If you have any other questions, suggestions or moaning feel free to do it in this thread. I am happy to listen to people's thoughts.


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If I had to choose between a few ads and not having the forums, I'd choose the ads. Because what's the point of having ads, if you have n forums!

Sam, King of the Anti-Ad, what is your opinion? :D


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My opinion is that I don't mind the text ads (really, I don't! :)) but the "interrupter" ads really do interrupt me--they froze IE last time David experimented with them and they did it to me again today. Supposedly I"m only supposed to see them once a month per computer, so I'll see how they work out. :D


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They dont bother me really. I delete my cookies a lot and i do get those full screen things everytime i do but im not bothered.


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We have a new sponsor as of today, the Nici Toy Shop has kindly decided to sponsor the site this month. A link to their site can be found in the Sponsored link section if anyone is interested in visting. They sell cuddly toys, so I'm sure that's up some of yours streets!! :D
Great idea admin, i like your thinking!! Anyway, how do you get people to sponsor your site? Do you just go into shops and ask people whether they'd like to sponsor your site? I'm making a site 1/3rd about MiTm at the moment so i'd like to know. I'll give you the address!!
WOWZA! The Nici Toy Shop site is great, it catered for all my soft toy needs, I advise you guys visit it- QUICK!

YAY THAT WAS MY 200TH POST- Well worth it for the great Nici Toy Shop


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Anyone can sponsor the site, as long as you have a website just click "Your Ad Here". You can be a sponsor for the day, week or month! :D.