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I just wondered what concerts everybody already went to. As for me, I went to MTV hard pop days in 2000, a festival with the bloodhound gang, millencolin, bad religion and some other bands, but the festival was not that good...
In 2004 I went to Metallica who were playing in Munich/Olympia stadium together with Slipknot and Lostprophets. Amazing concert. Also in 2004 I was on the "Hives" concert. Best concert so far. It was just fantastic, they're a great band.
Next week there I'll go to see "Bullet for my Valentine", again in Munich.

So, which bands did you already see?


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I have been to five but some are emarrasing.

when i was 5 years old i went to S club 7 and Steps concert dont think america will have heard of them:)
last year i went to a mcfly concert and also i went to one this year and one last year witch were a mix of different pop groups:D
The MTV one sounds really good Dabeny:D


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Only been to one...mcfly concert with Han...and we booked the tickets so before the date that when i went to see them, i didnt like them!;)

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I don't think I'd ever go out of my way to see any particular band, because tickets are usually expensive and they can be difficult to get to.

In 1999 I went to this big open-air party where cheesy dance outfit 'Sash!' were playing; the party wasn't that good and neither were 'Sash!'.

In 2003 I went to see a dance band called 'Freeland' as part of Radio 1 live in Brighton; it was broadcast live on the radio, compered by Annie Nightingale.
I hadn't heard of the band before and had no particular desire to go and see them, but it was a good night anyway - probably mainly because I went with a load of my mates.


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If anyone likes country music (and I'm prettysure that I'm the only one here who does :D ), I got to go to the ultimate concert last year. My friend won tickets off the radio to the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas and she asked me to go with her. It was all free--admission to the awards, hotel room, plane ticket, everything! Nearly every country music star in the country was there and it was on live TV (no one saw me though. :D ) Then afterwards we got to go to an after party and hang out with some of the stars. It was so awesome. Too bad I wasn't old enough to drink, but it was still fun. I was old enough to gamble, but unfortunetely I didn't win anything. Las Vegas still rocks! :D

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I've been to two: Backstreet Boys' Never Gone Tour (oh God... x.x) and Muse's Black Holes and Revelations Tour (oh my God! ^^).


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Here is the ones I been to:

Blink 182's Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Tour in Long Beach (first concert for me)

Summer Sanitarium 2002, at the L.A. Coliseum, with Metallica, Linkin Park, Deftones, etc

Arctic Monkeys at Jimmy Kimmel Live this year


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My concertlist:

17.03.2007: Shakira, in Gelredome Arnhem, The Netherlands, with my parent, sister and uncle.
04.11.2007: Tokio Hotel, in Grugahalle Essen, Germany, with my best friend Kyra.
14.06.2008: Tokio Hotel, in Goffertpark Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with Kyra. The last one was very awesome, with all of my best friends. I know all of them from the internet and I met the most of them there. We met in the queue, so we were with each other at the concert. :w00t:
EDIT: and I want to Lowlands (as you know that), but my parents won't let me go. Whoa, I'm so jealous at my friends.:mellow:
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I want to go to see MGMT and Beck at the Hollywood Bowl on September 20 (I am a huge MGMT fan), but I do not want to take buses all across the city, and I will be in my last couple of months of college before graduation at that time, so I will be too busy :glare:

I do not know if any of you been to a concert for a late night or morning talk show? but I actually like them the most, mainly becuase i live in LA and many talk shows are taped here, but also becuase it is FREE!

The split second I find out any of my top favorite bands (MGMT, Arctic Monkeys, 30 Seconds to Mars) are playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, I am going! Bands playing on Jimmy Kimmel Live tend to be able to play more songs for the fans attending the concert then other talk shows.
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I'm going to a festival soon featuring Radiohead and Beck. I'm really excited about it! It's this month.


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Hahaha lol NeCoHo...

AlextheMartian, you have awesome taste in music. ^^ I've been to some assorted pop concerts (like there was one with Nick Lachey, Pink, Saving Jane blahblah, another with Hellogoodbye, Gym Class Heroes, blahblah), All-American Rejects (not my proudest XD), MCR, and just yesterday I went to Linkin Park, Atreyu and Ashes Divide. SO AWESOME. I'm going to see MGMT with my friends in September. ^^


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I just got tickets today to see N.E.R.D. next month. Me and 3 of my best friends are all going.

The only reason I am not going to MGMT is becuase it is at a big venue. I want a small show where you stand in front of the stage, not one where you sit, lol.


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In 2006 I went to a Mariah Carey concert. P Diddy and Sean Paul also performed a couple songs there.

In August 2008 I saw the Beach Boys in concert. Only 2 of them were original members.

In December 2008 I saw Liza Minnelli in concert.