MITM Story - "Magic Stone"


The below MITM story was written by Allison. She was having trouble submitting the piece so she sent it to me (via e-mail) to submit instead. I don't belive in taking credit for other people's work, so once again, these are Allison's words, not mine.


Admin Edit: The below PDF has been created of allisons MITM story.


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Thank you very much, Dewey! I think the problem was that I can´t paste anything I copied before. It just doesn´t work, but I don´t know why.


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Its very impressive allison, I have converted it to a PDF and have put it in Dewey's top post.

If anyone else wants to create PDFs there is a free legal PDF programme which you can use to convert you word documents into them.
WOW! Allison thats really good, I liked what you were hinting at with the Hal and soap story line, you could have maybe put more in about him getting obsessed, but it was really funny.


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that was really good! you must have ESP with a writer or something :D

Realy cool plot with Malcolm being Reese's slave, with out Reese knowing any of it. I would like to buy a magic stone.........


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one word: F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!!

Amazing, and while reading i could really imagine how Malcolm and Reese and all the others would say their texts... :) well done


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Awesome! It was like watching an episode. I was really in it. Great dialogues, everything fit perfectly to the single characters!

You seem really talented in doing that stuff. I hope you will surprise us with another episode some time in the future. :)

How long did it take you to write it?


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Thank you very much to all people who replied in this thread.;) Thanks for taking time to read it, I know it´s pretty long. :D


It took me about 3 hours to write it.