MITM on Fox: The Ratings


I thought I would post this, as some of you may wonder how MITM did rating-wise while it was on the air on FOX a few years back.

- Ratings for some series one episodes are missing (hence the flat line).
- Episodes 202-204-206-208 and 302-304 had been broadcasted on Wednesday night (instead of the regular Sunday slot).
- Season 6 got moved on Sundays 7.30pm, so very early on the night. The first half of season 7 aired on Fridays (hence the dramatic drop) and the second part on Sundays 7pm - the series finale aired in the original time slot, Sunday 8.30 following The Simpsons.

For more information (if you can understand some French), here is a complete analysis of the ratings over the years.

Sad how poorly FOX handled the show...