MITM Mistakes / Goofs / Errors / Contradictions


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This is from the episode If Boys Were Girls, the lady on the right is clearly not Jane Kaczmarek. This is the first time I've ever seen a Lois body double though.


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Great find, PBUNDY!

(It's at about 17 minutes into the episode, by the way, for anyone else searching for it)


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have not read all the comments but the lucky aide badge

its starts with a v not an l


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season 1 ep1

At the start, when Lois tells Hal to raise his arms so she can shave him if you look at the bottom of the screen you can briefly see that Hal is wearing something to cover up his privates

In the scene where Stevie is in Malcolm's room. When Stevie is talking you can see the boom mike poking out at the bottom left part of the screen

When Malcolm is talking to his first teacher, you can just about see a small part of a microphone at the top of the screen

Season 2 ep 18

When the girl Krelboyne is talking loudly, you can see her mouth barely matches anything she's saying


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Found another one. This one is from Grandma Sues and its during the slow motion scene at the beginning when Ida slipped on the leaf. Jane is on the left and you can see that she's wearing her glasses.


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Home Alone 4

In Home Alone 4, you can see Lois screaming out the window at someone to get out of the way. Then the person responds, but it's too muffles to hear what he said. If you noticed Lois' window is closed the whole time, so the occurance couldn't have happened.


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In Home Alone 4, you can see Lois screaming out the window at someone to get out of the way. Then the person responds, but it's too muffles to hear what he said. If you noticed Lois' window is closed the whole time, so the occurance couldn't have happened.



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In the Pilot, when Malcolm and Stevie are in Stevie's room eating cookies, the cookie in Malcolm's right hand disappears and reappears between shots.


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Quite a few of the errors have been repeated in this thread, but I've found some more:

In the Home Alone 4 (1x03) cold open, at 0:09 Malcolm briefly looks at something not on set, as if turning to the camera too soon.

In Flashback (2x25) Lois and Hal arrive home with Francis together, but in Clip Show 2 (4x17) Lois states that due to a staff infection she was stuck in hospital for six weeks after Francis went home.

In Company Picnic (3x11), When Malcolm is doing press-ups his watch says it is around 1 o'clock, but actually it is evening. This probably comes up more than once, but this was a clear shot of the watch and I noticed. (It's like the 'What's Wrong With This Picture' from the Pilot).

In the Reese's Party (4x18) cold open, when Lois comes back outside, Hal's legs show he is on his back perpendicular to the car (as if working), but when the camera cuts to him, he is on his front parallel to the car (a completely different position).

In Baby (2) (4x21), the umbilical cord is never dealt with. The baby just comes out clean and is given to Lois (as Yasashii said).
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That's not a goof, that's called TV births lol, every TV birth is like that.
Then all TV births are incorrect, which falls into the category of Mistakes/Goofs/Errors

Baby (Part 2 of 2)
When Lois is giving a birth, once the baby is delivered, it's totally clean. Just born children are always covered with blood all over them. Maybe they couldn't show it like that so it isn't too drastic or something but even though showing it perfectly clean is a goof.

More errors:

In the Pilot episode, when Malcolm returns to his seat during the painting lesson he is empty handed, but sits down with bananas in his hand.

Also in the Pilot, during the playground scene there are only two or three rows of people behind Malcolm, but the aerial shots show more.

In Red Dress (1x02), Francis announces to the others that "They saved the TV", but Malcolm hadn't called him after finding out about the threat, so it would have been meaningless. (If my wording makes any sense)

Also in Red Dress, when Hal turns the TV on it is evidently working, but how was it wired up to the mains and aerial sockets?

In Zoo (4x01), the goat Reese is fighting at 18:00 is evidently fake: even the markings are different! :rolleyes:

From Traffic Jam (2x01)
When the family have got back in the car Malcolm says something like "who would have thought a traffic jam could be so cool, we should do this again". Well near the end of the sentence we can see Malcolm's mouth and it isn't moving.
This is because they used the exact same shot twice.

At the end of Traffic Ticket (2x16) there is another error like this where Craig isn't talking when you can hear he is.

In Halloween Approximately (2x02) the calendar in the boys' room is on September, when the story is early November (shortly after 31st Oct). However, this may be intentional since when Reese confirms that Halloween is the 31st October, he lifts up the September page.

In Surgery (2x17), Dewey says "Way to go, Lois." He should refer to her as mom instead (could be intentional though I wouldn't know why).
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In Shame (1x04), Lois tells the Neighbours that they mowed their lawn in the middle of the night for 15 years to avoid talking to them, but in Flashback (2x25) they only moved in when Malcolm was born, who was 12 in Season 1.

In Sleepover (1x06), the timer in the boys room was set to 4:30, but after only 45 seconds of seemingly uncut video, the alarm went off.

In Francis Escapes (1x07), when Dewey throws stones at the 'sasquatch', they would never reach Francis:
-They never go above Dewey's head height, which is lower than the fence
-They would never even reach the fence with the angle he threw them at
-Francis wasn't that close to the fence anyway
Yet the stones hit Francis with a downward angle as if they had gone really high!

In The Bots and the Bees (1x14), Lois says to Spangler that Francis "nearly lost his life", yet later says to Francis that he "did not almost die"

In the Malcolm's Girlfriend (3x04) cold open, when Reese leaves the house his pants are briefly visible

In Company Picnic (3x11-12) Dewey's sugar problem is a major plot point, yet on multiple occasions throughout the series he eats ice cream (e.g. Hal Grieves (7x14) when Hal brings the ice cream trolley into their bedroom) and sweets (e.g. Smunday (1x15) while on the roof)

In Hal's Birthday (3x15), Stevie takes all of 2 seconds on the phone to tell Malcolm about going to the destruction derby, yet he wouldn't be able to say more than one or two words in that time

In Watching the Baby (5x02), Craig's badge is different, he has a gold one instead of a red one

In Malcolm Dates a Family (5x14), Stevie says he watched Abe torch his wedding album, but in Kitty's Back (6x05), Abe says he has a wedding album to tape back together

In the Family Reunion (4x03) cold open and in Blackout (7x07) the garage is full of junk, but in Tiki Lounge (6x13) and College Recruiters (7x12) it is clear and the junk has completely vanished


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I can't remember the exact ep name or if this has already been mentioned, but in the cold open where Malcolm and Reese are playing keep-away from Dewey, there's a couple of shots where you can see a boom and what I believe is a boxy light-shield thingy for the camera in the left side of the frame.


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Bowling (2x20):
When Hal goes into the boys' bedroom to talk to Dewey, he is not wearing his glasses. But as he sits down to read Dewey a story, the glasses magically appear on his head seconds before he reaches to get them
No they don't. They are on his head the whole time. You can see the light glint off them a couple of times before he sits down.

I've noticed an error in the credits of Surgery (2x17), where the y at the end of "Little Boy" is not capitalised, but is just bigger (See attachment)


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Error found.

In season 1 Episode 1, Pilot, Stevie gets tapped on the chin by the schoolyard bully (known as Spath) when he crys out, his mouth doesnt match the noise he is making (when he looks up at Malcolm and smiles.)