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For those of you who love MITM soundtrack, this might interest you. Malcolm France has made a juke-box with most of the songs that are used in the show. It existed for years, but it just got updated with a new version and more songs. Now, there are more than 200 songs, which means 13 hours of music!

You can listen to all the tracks online. In order to do so, go here: Malcolm in the Music - The Juke-Box

Some of you may have already known about it, but I thought some people would enjoy it. So enjoy indeed! :)


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Hi Tyno,

I wasn't aware of that at all. Great work by Malcolm France and thanks for sharing!


Yes, indeed it was down for like a year, and I finally got around making it available again!
I'm glad you like the design, it was a lot of work.


Hi Tyno,

Just by way of appreciation for your work :D. I see you put some of the high-resolution studio stills to very good use!

What you have on the jukebox is the punked-up version of They Might Be Giants' Why Does The Sun Shine. This is from their 1998 live set Severe Tire Damage. However, what you hear on MITM is the gentle studio original from their 1993 single, suited to a children's educational show.

If you wish, you can pick it up here:

I've also included Brave Combo's Peanut Polka from Block Party (5.08) and Freedom by the (Chinese!) Twelve Girls Band, from the desert escape sequence of Reese Comes Home (6.01).

I thought they would make nice additions ;)

Un véritable pot-pourri Malcolm!

Best wishes,

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Thanks very much Richard, I just saw your message and I'll make sure to update the jukebox! Unfortunately, the link is not working anymore, could you upload the songs once again? :)

Is there any way to download all the jukebox songs?
Officially, no, those are just for streaming online.