Missing 3 eps? (+ special finale?)


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I found something interesting in this... http://malcolminthemiddle.tktv.net/Episodes3/synop/20.html...synopsis synopsis for "Cliques":

"Season Three has wound down, and it's missing at least four episodes from the original gameplan. Word around the campfire is that a specialty finale episode was planned but never shot. "

I wonder what that could have been? "Monkey" was a good episode, but season 3 deserved an even better finale, since it was the last of "the classics", in my opionion.

Also, the same site has a synopsis of "Monkey" with this line:

"The postponement of this episode indicates that the producers held this outing in high regards. Since the series is filmed out-of-sequence, the Mamu segment was likely filmed for a different episode that was originally intended to be the proper season finale, then just incorporated into the rest of the footage"

I had figured the series was filmed out of order, by looking at the production codes (e.g., "Chairty" before "Book Club and "Malcolm's Girlfriend".) So maybe this episode was just filmed early.

It also contains this line...

Moreover, the conclusion to their segment this time around (mentioned earlier in this synopsis, with the Eric/Bernard punchline) would have provided more of an air of "season finale" resonance if it had been used as the closing scene of the episode.

Perhaps that was intended to be the closing scene of season 3?

It's strange, to think that season 3 may have had 26 episodes...is it possible they may have been shot and not used?