Malcom in the middle roleplay game


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ok guys whoever calls a character first gets to be him cos they have dibs. i get to reserve 3 guys since i invented the game in my mind

craig; (reserrved) :wagtongue:
the kelbroines: (resered)

please apologize now, my engliush isnt too bad :wagtongue:
ok lets starts this :2guns:

[lose and craig are inside the luck e aide]
craig: loeis, can i help you take youre shifts from work,,? i love you and would want to help you so you can be home with the boys
lose: craig not now barked loise, but he wouldnt go away. he kept looking at her and hearts are around him now

craig:you know,, if i went on a date with you, i would work youre shifts for a whole year. you wouldnt even have to kiss me on the lips or mouth
louis:i will have to think about youre offer

(end of scene) now its youre turn!
reece: wat the hell mom he shouted :devil:
lowis: reese why arent you in school :mad:
reece: cuz i got freeking sucspended for beeting up a nerd :alucard:
lowis: REECE!!! she yelled :cursing:
reece: ops that why i was avoided her huh he thought :pinch:
craig says, "reece im trying to having a talk with you're mother please leave.
reece: oh shut up craig every oen nows your a fag. :shifty:
craig: im not a fag. i like your mom. :wub:
speaking of my boys, were is dooey? he was supost too be home from his school already early. said lowis.

oh crap i was supost to make msure dooey come home from school ok: maclom :eek:


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"dewey walks in coverred in dirt'

dewey: malcom, you were suppost to pick me up! those kids through dirt clods at me again!! :cursing::cursing:

moalcolm: im sorry!!! i totaly forgot its just that ive been really woried about the big test tommorow

reese: hey dewey do u know where those kids live?
dewy: ya

reese: lets go throw dog crap at there front doors!!

dewey: cool! :cool:

hal walks into the kicthen and has a huuuuge bumblebee sting on his cheek.