Malcolm in the Music Scene


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The concept - see what you know about MitM's music. You can be as creative as you want with the questions, just as long as the answer matches.

1st question, from the "Game Ideas" thread...

Which eppy of the first season is the only episode that has a difference in music selection? (In other words, which is the only first season eppy that has two different songs for one scene?)
(A) Pilot
(B) Red Dress
(C) Water Park
(D) Cheerleader


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Yes, it's the pilot episode, the only eppy with two songs with the same scene - "You Sexy Thing" by Hot Chocolate on the DVD version and "It's Your Thing" by the Isley Brothers on the TV version. The scene - the post-credit kitchen scene with Hal having his back shaved by Lois.

Your go now.


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Lets see..
"If I die before I wake, at least in heaven I can skate..." ;D
Which Season?
A) Season 3
B) Season 2
C) Season 1
D) Season 6


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omg! that is a direct quote from the chorus of a punk skate song from the 90s, OPM's "Heaven Is A Half Pipe"

but actually,

C) Season 1


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Oky so... since you have stoped the game, let me start again :p

Wich song is Hal dancing when he's teaching Malcolm to skate? :rolleyes: easy