Malcolm in the Middle on Family Guy! [Video]


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I know I saw it somewhere...

I do remember the episode in which Meg is mistaken for "Malcolm in Middle", though (after Peter mistakes everyone in Asiantown for Jackie Chan). That one's called 'Breaking Out Is Hard To Do'.


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Watch the clip HERE

Malcolm in the Middle was featured on the animated TV show Family Guy (which is often referred to as a ‘Dysfunctional Family’ like the Wilkersons). The episode titled I Take Thee, Quagmire aired March 12, 2006 (Season 4 Episode 21) and the Malcolm in the Middle scene was (in usual Family Guy style) unrelated to the rest of the episode and played as Brian (the Family Guy dog) is watching TV.

Bryan Cranston voiced the animated Hal, however Seth MacFarlane the series creator said in the DVD commentary for the episode that Jane Kaczmarek was asked to do the voice as she was the original actor in the series, however she refused. MacFarlane said that he gets a message that Kaczmarek wishes to portray that character as likeable, and does not wish to jeopardize that.


Thanks for that TJ. It was just as funny as I remembered. Didn't realise that Hal in the clip was actually voiced by Cranston too - that adds to the authenticity.


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They should have made it longer!

When Lois died, Dewey could of kicked her, Malcolm and Reese destroy the house, and then they would walk away with the whole city burning down :)


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I never liked this clip in fairness. I know Family Guy rips on everything and it is a funny show because of that. But this clip totally misses the point as some have already pointed out; what with Hal and Lois being absolutely crazy in love from the start of the show to the finish, Hal would never react in that way, and neither would the boys. Perhaps I'm taking it a little too personally!

This has happened in another episode, when they parodied Seinfeld, another of my favourite shows. They cut to Jerry and George talking about some woman, and then show Brian trying to kill himself or something. Annoyed me that, but then again comedy's boring if you never get annoyed/offended. Family Guy's a decent show.


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you all take this way too personally. just seeing someone get hit in the head in a cartoon is funny. period.

they never stay true to what the tv show they are showing on the tv set on the show really is about. for example, "Two and a Half Men", they showed two guys screaming at a guy that is cut in half... NOTHING like the show.

See my point?


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When I saw it for the first time I was sure it was Bryan I heard as Hal and the voice of Lois not Jane. Good to see I was right.

This Family Guy MITM parody cracked me up. I can see why some take it too personal but if you take everything too personal what's left to laugh about?


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i shaw it and it was down right funny with lois shouting at the boys and hal pulls the door off wreaks lois over the head and they go outside and it is nice that mitm has got reconigion