"Malcolm in the middle" DVDs in German?

Hey dear Malcolm friends!;)

I'm Swiss and I'm talking German. I also understand English and I can talk/write on English but I'm always wachting TV and movies in German. If anybody knows where I can buy all DVDs in German, I'll be very appreciate.

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Hi there!

A warm welcome to our boards! 'SwissFilmdirector' sounds interesting!

I'm Dutch, but I mostly speak English, sometimes German or French ;).

The language on these boards is English, but, as you can see, we happen to have a German section on our boards devoted to Malcolm Mittendrin, but it's not really active.

We do have some German members, and you could post a question there in German, but it's very likely I'll be the only one to answer it.

Now, I'm sorry to say there aren't any German DVDs, or English DVDs with German subtitles.

The problem mostly has to do with very expensive music rights (as you know, MITM contains a lot of original songs), and now also with the fact that the series is getting old, and has become of little commercial interest.

A German DVD was almost released, but it was cancelled due to music rights issues:

Planned German DVD cover

So I'm afraid you will have to do with German (pay) channels that may still show the series, like ProSieben, or downloads from torrent sites and the like, which you can combine with German subtitles files you can download from other sites. If you use a media player like VLC (free download), you can specify a subtitles file (mostly with the extension '*.srt') and run it along with the images.

I hope this helps and you will enjoy your stay.


P.S. If you happen to be reasonably fluent in French too (which you might as a Swiss I suppose), I would recommend the French DVD releases, which are excellent and have English audio with French subtitles.
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Come to think about Germans and French people are the top Europeans watching on my channel.


Edit: British people are the number one most European watching my channel, but Germans and French come next.
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