Malcolm in the Middle alignments

Hey! I've started rewatching Malcolm in the Middle, and one episode made me think Dewey is a Chaotic Neutral in D&D alignments, so then I started thinking and I put together a chart of some other characters. Any thoughts?


Hi there!

This sounds really interesting, but I've never played Dungeons & Dragons, so I've got no clue what these would mean!

Now that I've written Dungeons & Dragons in full, perhaps you'll get replies that are more to the point.

There appears to be a very thorough description at the great TV Tropes site:

I can see, though, that Dewey could be the borderline weird genius and free spirit of the lot, who lives inside his own bubble, and does whatever he fancies, without much regard to other people's views or behaviour.

Francis would be the one who openly and deliberately rebels against oppressive systems.

I'll leave this to the insiders among us!