Magic Dog!


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True there are 2 dogs, the second is another evil sibling........

David, what do you have to say about these dogs being on your site?

(BTW im trying to be mysterious, i wonder if any of you can work it out)


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tj, there are deffinetly 2 different dogs there. I'm sorry, could you explain this one to me?


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Sorry david, but they are actually on your server!

Ok the game is up, they are what are called 'easter eggs' and have been put it into the basic working of PHP (its open source so the programers have to have a little fun) so anysite that is php or you do is put a certain code at the end and it shows a dog. and its different dogs for different version of PHP script.

So there dogs are lucking on thousand of website everyhwere! - see i told you it was scary.........


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........Umm, Im kinda at a loss for words right now.:confused: I just came to the thread because it's name was weird. And so is the thread itself.
Soo.....evil magic