Lucky Aide


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Man, Rite Aid has the best ice cream for a grocery/drug store...

Heh, kinda random. But there's a Rite Aid very close to my house. They're very seasonal... Many items shift out due to different holidays and there are many adverts, banners, and decorations hung up. There are almost two entire aisles for different recent/upcoming holidays.


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There is a drug store called Rite Aid, and a long time ago, when I was a kid, there was a supermarket chain called Lucky (commonly called Lucky's). The first is currently in California and other places, the second used to be in California and other western states.

Mix those 2, and tada, Lucky Aide. That is my belief on the name anyways

Funny thing is, We used to have a Lucky's right next door to what is now Rite Aid (was Thrifty's at the time the supermarket was Lucky's)


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Where Lucky aide?

Hello, sorry for my English, is that the forum seems almost closed ... but I wonder if the "lucky aide existed? and that name is really? and that establishment rolled Malcolm? "
these are my questions ....:confused::confused:

toxik syk

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Many of the "Lucky Aide" store scenes were done at a Drug Emporium that used to be at 6020 Lankershim in the North Hollywood district of Los Angeles.


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No Hannah (Fox123) I don't know as i live in England. Around here there's Tesco, Sainsburys, ASDA (part of the wal mart company), somerfield, waitrose!!! All i've heard of in America is Wal Mart which i assume is fairly popular. I havent even heard of Rite Aid!!

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