Like father like son???

One of the main themes of mitm is the relationship between the 'kids' and their parents, so which traits do both the children and the parents share, for example, is francis more like lois, because of his obsession with arguing with people or like hal, because of his flippency and often idiotic behaviour? I'd like to hear peoples oppinions on this, becuase i can't decide on a difinitive parent and child match up.


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They share attributes of both just like a regular family does.

The apple doesnt fall far from the tree.


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I don´t see much similarity between Malcolm and his parents. He´s a pessimist whereas Hal seems like a pretty optimistic person. It doesn´t take much to upset Malcolm, but he certainly isn´t as hysterical as Lois.
Dewey is maybe a little similiar to Hal. He´s quite an optimistic person, but in contrast to Hal he actually never freaks out and makes the best out of every situation. They´re both weird and crazy, but in different ways. I don´t see any similarity to Lois.
Reese isn´t very similiar to his parents, either. Hal said Reese is normal like himself and that´s why he seems to get along with him pretty well, but they have different characters. Reese is kind of carefree, he comes up with silly ideas (like Hal) but in contrast to Hal he doesn´t really becomes obsessed with them. Again, I don´t see much similarity to Lois.
But Francis is very similiar to both his parents. You´re right about his "obsession with arguing with people" and as we learned in "The bots and the bees" he´s also pretty similiar to his father.
I think it´s also interesting that Francis married a woman who is very simliar to his mother since he doesn´t get along with his mother at all.

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I agree - all the boys have come up with stupid, crazy ideas (Hal) and they're not afraid to speak their mind (Lois).
Malcolm has probably come up with the fewest crazy schemes and is (or, was) least likely to blurt out what he was thinking at that moment; hence being 'in the Middle'.