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i stole this on the sky one message board anyway i say 2 choices (e.g malcolm or reese)it can be about anything from mitm-food-band-sport. you can make a little comment about the answer you choose.after you ask a question.this is a great way to get to know eachother.

so here is my question.

stevie or malcolm?


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Jessica, I find them both very annoying, but there's just something about Cynthia that really bothers me.
Victor (Lois' "Dad") or Walter (Hal's Dad)


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Walter, he had civil war uniforms, guns and stuff like that.

(NOTE: Lt. Spangler is incorrect. Last time I checked, he had 4 stars, not 1 or 2 gold bars, Which would make him General Spangler. (the US General ranks of america being: (the number being the number of stars they display)

1= Brigider General
2= Major General
3= Lt. General
4= General
5= 5-star General[aka General of the Army] (only those such as Admirals Haulsey, Nimitz, and Gens. Pershing, MacArthur, Eisenhower, and finally Washington have had this rank)

:p )

understand that or not?


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Thank you for that worthless information, J.:D Now ask your question so the game(or interview, whatever this is) can continue.:)


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no need to go off on one! but i suppose if you want to be "politically correct" then knock yourself out.


pilot or graduation??