Holiday vs. Christmas


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In America there is a HUGE controvesy with using the word christmas. Holiday tree instead of Christmas tree, Holiday parade, vs Christmas parade, Winter break vs Christmas break, holiday lights, not christmas lights, ect.

Don't you think this is the most retarted thing you ever heard? I mean, we used the word Christmas for more then 200 in the USA, why is it so bad now? On the news, someone was saying that 1% of the US population is 'insane'(probably more then 1%) and is offended by the word Christmas, but why now?

Just thought I'd throw out a political discussion.
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Way to stoke the fire Justin. :) Anyway, it's not "bad," it's just that Christmas is no longer politically correct because so many other people celebrate so many other faiths.

And I don't know if there's anyone else from America in the Priviledged Elite so this may become an argument between you and I. :D


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Ive heard it when christians get annoyed when you say 'xmas' and not 'christmas'....i suppose you are missing out the 'christ' in the word. It's basically like saying 'xians' instead of 'christians'


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let's just wait a day to see if any other American members see this in the MITM Elite. Then I'll offer a rebuttal.

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I agree.

Have you ever seen anyone complaining about the word "Christmas" in everyday phrases? Not really. But we (by this I just mean America) want to "prevent" that, probably because we don't want to be blamed for being disrespectful, so suddenly we think we are practicing equality and crap.