Hello everybody!


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I live in Poland and I'm big fan of Malcolm In The middle. Polish TV also aired MITM but... like they do with all the tv serials they air: with lector, commercials and not in the right order. That's why I've been looking for episodes to download over the internet and I found them here. (Big thanks for that) I figured that it would be nice to register here and talk about stuff. Also, I'm open to talk, if anybody wants to make friends. :)


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Hi, Yasashii and welcome to the MITMVC! :) I'm a big fan of the show myself and I guess practically everyone else here is.

I know what you mean about the episodes not airing in order. I used to watch it on Nick @ Nite, but most episodes were not in order and they played a lot of the same ones.


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Hi Yasashii, welcome to the forums. :) Feel free to look around and add your opinions to any of the many previous discussions you might find here, or start a new conversation! :D