Have you read any good books lately?


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I'll add the ice cream part in later...

I'm reading the sci-fi Area 51 series lately, it's really good, you know aliens visited and seeded Earth 10,000 years ago, they come back to fight over the planet after a faction f the aliens try to re-claim it, Another enemy might be coming (haven't gotten there yet) And A small group of people must ge the Holy Grail, Excaliber, the Ark of the Covenant, (all ancient alien artifacts) and stop the aliens.

How about you?


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Well, that sounds like a good book to curl up with next to the fireplace on a cold winter night. :D


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I dont really read....i used to a lot, but now i dont at all really, and like Reese once said; (something like...) I only read when i have to:D


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I do most of my reading on the beach in the summer so it's been a few months. I have too much other (really boring) school stuff to read right now to enjoy reading for the fun of it. The last book I read was called Velocity by Dean Koontz (my favorite author). It was about a guy who was being stalked by a serial killer. I like thriller/suspense/horror type books. THe next one I will read (also by Koontz) is Forever Odd. It was just released in hardback this week so I'm asking for it for Christmas. I think it's about a guy who can see ghosts so it should be interesting. I also like Stephen King books, even though I usually get freaked out and can't sleep after reading them. :D


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Sometimes I get really into reading and will read loads of books, sometimes it can take me months or years to read books, but then again sometimes I can't pick up a book for months or even years.

Currently I haven't read any form of fiction book in over 6 months. The last book I read was the Altman Code by Robert Ludlum, it was pretty good. I have bought other books to try, but I can't get passed the first page without putting them down, maybe I am just bored of my favourite style of book? :D


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I actually went to the store the other day and baught the original "Godfather" by Mario Puzo. Great book! Just as good as the movie.


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I'm just reading "Fahrenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury. Great book, by the way, although it was written in '53. And written in easy English, so I'm able to understand everything :):D


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I used to read all the time nonstop but i hardly read at all now i am halfway through Aritmes F
Fowl though but i have talken ages to get halfway. :D