German DVDs of Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm Mittendrin) released in October 2014!



Very good news for our German-speaking fans! :D

(The following message is a translation of the German announcement posted below)

Turbine Media Group will finally be releasing the German version of Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm Mittendrin) on DVD on October 24, 2014.

A Collector’s Box with Seasons 1-3 will contain all 63 episodes on 10 DVDs, but each season can also be bought separately. All episodes come with the original English audio and a German-dubbed track. Unlike the French releases, however, the episodes have not been subtitled in either German or English.

The image transfers will be identical to the French versions. A unique feature of these releases is that while all episodes are presented in the original 16:9 widescreen-format, there is also a menu option to reduce them to the 4:3 format in which they were first aired on TV.

The special features for all seasons will correspond to the French releases, so include the original American bonuses for S1 and the French additions for subsequent seasons. These features are all in English with optional German subtitles.

Depending on sales for the first 3 seasons, the following seasons will hopefully come out in early 2015.

Just to make sure, here’s a list of all special features:

Season 1:
  • Pilot episode in extended director's cut + commentary track
  • Bryan Cranston explains the widescreen version
  • Alternative cold opens
  • US TV commercials
  • Bloopers
  • 45-minute-special documentary about "Malcolm“’s origins (A Stroke of Genius)
  • 3 team-Audio commentaries (160 minutes)
  • Short documentary on Erik Per Sullivan (Dewey) (Dewey's Day Job)
Season 2:
  • Tour of the Malcolm-house by the boys
  • Behind the scenes with the Malcolm-crew
  • Making-of
Season 3:
  • Episode 'Company Picnic' in extended director's cut
  • Interview with series creator Linwood Boomer
Videos and trailers for these releases can be found on Turbine's YouTube channel, such as:

Season 1 trailer:

S1-3 box set trailer:

German-speaking fans can join a special Facebook page on the series created by Turbine, which will publish various screenshots and fun facts, but also a generous selection of publicity images frequently taken from our site:

The DVDs can be ordered from Amazon's German branch

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I'm afraid nothing has changed yet at Turbine as far as the release of the last 4 Seasons is concerned. I just got a mail from their product manager, which again stated that as soon as they had more information about a possible release, they'd put it on their Facebook account or website.



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In Germany the Pro7 channel has been repeating Malcom for many, many years (it's continuous - as soon as they are through, they start again).

The good thing is that the episodes run at night without any commercial breaks - ideal for recording.

My own collection is now 140 episodes (out of 151) and will be complete very soon (but please don't ask for copies) - and the good thing is I don't need to rip DVDs (which are not available anyway).


Ah, that's a good thing to hear, Morgon! We don't know yet if the later German-dubbed seasons of Malcolm will ever appear on DVD. I read that it's also regularly shown on Netflix, for those who have it, but if it's shown or not would depend on the country you're in.