Flight 93


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I went to see "Failure to Launch" Friday night (which was pretty good, btw, if you like romantic comedies) and one of the previews was for a movie called "Flight 93," which is due in theaters on April 28. If you jog your memory, you may recall that flight 93 was the plane that crashed in a Pennsylvania field after being hijacked by terrorist on September 11, 2001. The film is apparently about the story of the 40 people on the flight who decided to fight back and try to reclaim the plane, which of course resulted in the crash.

I'm not sure how I feel about this movie being made. I did a little research on it and I found out that there is another movie due out in August called "World Trade Center" directed by Oliver Stone, which also depicts the events of 9/11. While i kind of feel that it honors those those who lost their lives by telling their story (as well as the members of the NYPD and NYFD), I also feel that it is very wrong for Hollywood to be profiting from a horrific national tragedy. I was just wondering what everyone else's views are on this subject.

Personally, I don't think that I will be able to bring myself to watch either of these films. It's just too terrifying for me to think about. This isn't a make believe movie that you can just shrug off as being fiction--it's real events that actually took place only five years ago. I just can't imagine what it was like being one of those people on those flights, knowing that they were about to die and calling their loved ones from their cell phone to tell them goodbye. The very thought of it chills me to the bone. This will be scarier than any horror movie ever made.


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Hmm, im not sure about my feeling for them either. It will make people very upset seeing adverts for them on TV, if they have lost someone. I agree, it's not right for Hollywood to be making profit on these type of films...they could at least change the topic, so that the same thing happens but it's not the real plot or something, if you know what i mean.
But yeah, it is wrong.

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Yeah, I just noticed that. Thanks. :)

I totally forgot about people seeing the ads on tv who have lost loved ones (as well as those who were actually involved who survived.) I'm sure that will be very painful to watch. Of course, they're probably used to it by now as much as the events have been publicized over the last 5 years. But by now they are probably starting to put it behind them somewhat and these films may be like reliving it again for them.


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I don't believe Ill see either film. I believe it's totally wrong for Hollywood to profit from something like the terror attacks. It'd just be plain wrong if the 9/11 movie by Oliver Stone wins the Oscar for best pic. He goes to accept it and is like,"I want to thank you, and you, and the terrorist for giving me the chance to make this movie and make a lot of money and win an academy award."


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I think it depends on the respective film, you can do a good and correct movie and you can do a movie with which you just want to get money and don't care about others. I think I'm going to see both films because I'm curious how the directors try to put this hard subject into a movie.


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I don't think it's fair to criticize these movies just yet. It took the nation years to recover from Pearl Harbor, but a movie was eventually made on that (although it wasn't very good, mind you). But we don't know for sure what happened that fateful day, so of course there will be some sort of plot that Hollywood had to make up, even if it's based on real things.

There have been other controversial movies, and I find it surprising that two are being released--especailly so close to each other. If these movies are done right, they should be a tribute that gives hope back to America; after all, I think that the nation has already started on the road to recovery with 9/11-certainly a lot faster than with Pearl Harbor--and a well-done movie can help the situation rather than hurt it.

Are people realizing to see something that's not a tribute to the situation that Hollywood is there only to make money on? Yes. Fahrenheit 9/11/


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I personally think that it's abit too soon to be making a movie about 9/11, especially since very few people have been brought to justice over the attacks. It's my belief people might get the wrong idea of the films as it is still so fresh in peoples minds, it's the "next generation" so to speak, that would benefit from a film portraying the events of that horrific day.

As to wether or not I would watch it, I'm not sure.:confused: