Filthy Rich: Cattle Drive


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I generally hate reality TV. I liked the 1st season of The Apprentice, but the last 2 have been drab. The level of the contestants has gone steadily down. Also, I can't stand Trump. In the show they're always bragging about (well, they have to) how great a businessman he is. But, come on, he's had to sell his casinoes and he no longer controls Ms. Univ. He's been doing pretty horribly. Plus, he's really crooked.

@gottaluvem Supporting other guys with girl's names, Kelcey:D?


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Emrysgirl said:
Also, I can't stand Trump.
Then never come to Atlantic City. He owns almost all the casinos. His name is plastered almost everywhere by the casinos and Atlantic City beach area.

I like reality shows, but I missed this one, I'll look at the TV Guide for the next time it comes on. I enjoyed The Apprentice, Hell's Kitchen, American Idol, and that's about it.


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theblinddevil said:
I don't really like reality shows, and what makes them worse is that some of them repeat a few mintues of the show after every advert. The only reality show i actually watched more than once was UK Big Brother 4. I turned on my tv the other day and it happened to be American Idol; so i thought what the heck i'll see what its like, i turned it off after 2 mins. It had no content so to speak; it is just a load of rubbish, wasting time untill the one minute ending (which is the only good thing about the show). From what i saw, it seemed they was only some camera tricks and basically nothing else, and there wasn't even any singing.. if it was a good show they would have the competition starting right away and fill the show with good stuff.

So i doubt i would ever bother watching Filthy Rich.
You probably missed the point of American Idol, watching it six months after it actually happened.


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J. said:
Then never come to Atlantic City. He owns almost all the casinos.
Not anymore he doesn't. He had to sell them b/c of financial problems.

J. said:
His name is plastered almost everywhere by the casinos and Atlantic City beach area.
That's another thing I find irritating. He puts his name on EVERYthing!

I liked the first few eps of Hell's Kitchen. But, once I got used to the screaming, it was boring. I'm a vegetarian, so I didn't even enjoy looking at the food (well maybe the desserts:D).
I agree hes egotistical and arragant, doesnt understand modesty- would you really have that much pride in your name- if it was also a juvenille term for flatulance?? Can I just ask does anyone know if he wears a wig?lol

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No, it's not a wig. It's just a strange comb-over type thing.

Trump is the king of self-advertisement. He's not really a very good buisness man, he just tells everyone that he is. He's a completely rediculous person, which is part of the reason that I loved watching the apprentice.


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I watched "Filthy Rich" not from the point of view of whether it's a show I like, but whether Justin in his first production project delivered the product his client E! Network wanted. The answer is yes. E! viewers feed on outrageous behavior by the rich and famous, and the cast in this show were certainly outrageous. They flirted shamelessly, bickered, whined, got themselves splattered with manure, and generally lived up to the expectation of pampered spoiled brats, all the while being harshly disrespected by the cowpokes. After watching a while, I just put aside my scruples about this type of entertainment, and I actually found it very funny.

I think it was smart of Justin to make his first project about something that he's familiar with, the lives of rich kids. It's a good business principle--stick at first with what you know, and branch out as you gain experience.


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Anyone seen "The Soup"? They make fun of Filthy Rich:Cattle Drive on there, especially Fabian. Justin actually PRODUCED that show? And pseaking of Justin Berfield, when in the heck is that interview with him MITM18 was conducting? I PMed about it....... 2 months ago!:confused: :( :D


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I know this post is old, so sorry just that I saw the hole series last weekend as it was on for the whole day. I thought it wasn't that bad was just what I expected really, entertainment. Wasn't great but it was good to watch, and I think that J2TV did a good job of co- producing, the cast was funny and said some pretty stupid stuff along with doing some stupid stuff. For a first production JB and J2TV did well I thought, it was ten times better than the last 3 or 4 Big Brothers!