Dewey in the newspaper.


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I stumbled across this article in an old copy of the newspaper I get, The Atlantic City Press, on, get this, December 4, 2000, like season 1-2. If it is a bit hard to read I wrote it out, here it is:

Demon the set of 'Malcolm'

According to "Malcolm in the Middle" star Cristopher Masterson, who plays Francis, the real terror on the set isn't the family's mom, it's Erik Per Sullivan, otherwise known as Dewey.

"He seems like this sweet little kid, but he's thinking these demonic thoughts," Masterson laughs. "He'll pull some kind of prank on you within 10 minutes of your arrival."

Per Sullivan has been known to put a cupcake on Masterson's seat just before he sits down and starts throwing things on the set right after the director says "action."

"He will also play mind games with you" Masterson says. "He'll ask you questions and then confuse you so much you can't remember your lines"

What do you guys think of this? The cute Dewey, a demonic, evil, prankster?


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That's crazy. Interesting article, indeed.

Odd because we've always heard Frankie and Justin terrorized Erik. I believe it was the season 1 DVD where they told the story of telling Erik he was really fat, and he believed them and like stopped eating for a week? Funny story. They're like real brothers.


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Yeah, it´s really interesting. I also saw a video where Justin told how they promised Erik 20 dollars if he ate something very disgusting. He did it, but they never paid him the money.:p


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Well, why not? I can imagine it. But as you are referring to the real life person, you'd rather call him "Erik" instead of Dewey. :D