Comedy Central UK nicely plundered our Behind the Scenes Gallery section ....


.... but they do credit us for all of the 16 images they have taken, so it's quite welcome publicity for our site. They even copied most of the descriptions! Then again, we of course also gathered nearly all of those pictures from other sources! There's even a Corbis copyright logo in one of them ....

Comedy Central UK Behind the scenes Photo Gallery

Our own Behind the Scenes Gallery section.

I believe they could have used some higher resolution ones, and I wonder why they have chosen two photos with Logan O'Brien in them, who hasn't made a movie or TV appearance since 2005.

Still, all in all I'd say it's a very fair deal, so enjoy!

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I guess the Mexicans went one better with our Behind the scenes-peeks!

Apparently, what the Brits at Comedy Central can do, the Mexicans at can do better!, a Spanish site "founded in 2005 by Francisco Alanis with the intention of offering an alternative and independent information and entertainment channel to a generation neglected by the traditional means of communication" :)s really?) republished more than 40 images from our Behind the scenes Gallery.

As they say, for old times' sake or, perhaps, por los viejos tiempos:



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Hahaha, that's great. As the largest archive of MITM images it is to be expected and they are welcome to them.