Chris Masterson in Scary Movie 2 (2001)


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I didn't even know about it until I just stumbled upon the movie in Comedy Central one time. I have two images of him in my gallery (I would have uploaded the pictures to Chris's section but there wasn't a section for Scary Movie 2). Here's one: and here's another one:

He makes an appearance in :07 (NOTE: beginning contains some strong language)
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Yes, I watched that movie in utter boredom some years ago, and then I saw Chris in it, which woke me up! Surprise!

I can't say I enjoyed it though, I thought it was extremely pedestrian and banal. I have nothing against sex jokes in comedies, but if you want to do it, do it like 'Made for Each Other', with some class and a decent script, and don't dwell on endless fart, sperm and crotch jokes!



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I knew that he was in Scary Movie 2 before I watched it, so I was pretty much waiting for it to be on TV one day since I've seen Scary Movie 1, 3, and 4 on television. I have to say, that the jokes got kind of annoying and I felt they just..overused it.


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I never liked that movie, I mean it is supposed to be comedy not some kind of horror :D. Nah, just kidding every movie has it's own crowd and talking about Scary movie, I'm not in its crowd :).