Chances of a reunion episode?


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What do you think the chances are of like an hour long episode to see what the family is up to now? Wld u guys want that or think it might ruin it? I think it wld b cool its something i'd like to see but I think graduation was a pretty cool ending and a reunion ep might not be as good and will leave us with unanswered questions. Its just ive nearly seen all the eps now and the thought of no more new ones is pretty hard to bear :crying:


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A reunion episode would be great, but it's doubtful that it will happen. The cast is busy doing other projects and working on other television shows.


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It would be fun but I don't think it will ever happen either, unfortunately. The only shows I can think of that have ever had reunion episodes are Cheers, All in the Family, and Friends. There may be a couple more but my point is those were ultra-popular shows and sadly MITM just wasn't popular enough.

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Yep. Recently Jerry Seinfeld said that his crew may get back together. Not for an episode, but a small special. I'm looking forward to that.


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If Fox ever gets around to releasing the DVDs they might need content like that to add in. However I doubt Fox would pay the cast for something like that. it would probably be up to them to show up because of nostalgia.