Buying A Trumpet

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I've never heard of that brand before, so I don't know. I sort of remember that Bach was supposed to be good. I think Yahmaha is pretty good too. It's been a while, though. The best thing to do is go to a music store and ask them. I'm sure your band teacher would know too.


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I have a Bach right now, but it's 5 years old. I've heard the Blessing is just like the Strad (One of the best ever made), and like, 1/4 the price. All of my Band buddies were like "[Darn], that's hot" So, I guess it's good. Thanks. The silver one is goig to be mine soon. "The silver has a better tone then brass, or lacquer. And silver doesn't smell, and it looks so [Darn] good." Quote my Section Leader. Sorry about the 2 blanked out words, we have a few young members now, but they are quotes.

There is one other thing I learned- never trust the Band Director, he's evil, and only cares that he looks good. Even his own daughter doesn't like him in Band during Band Practice.


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To quote Malcolm in Dirty Magazine, what's the point of bleeping out words? That's just stupid. Everyone knows what they are anyway. Instead, Justin, you should completely replace teh words and use the [brakets] to show that that part of the quotation was slightly changed.