Burning Man


'Absolutely', as TJ has said!

Here's the festival's official site: http://burningman.org/

On this site, the MITM episode even gets a few mentions:

The “Burning Man” episode of “Malcolm in the Middle” (...) is, of course, a satire - not filmed at the event, not affiliated with the Org, etc..

Q: Why did you guys condone the “Malcolm in the Middle” episode about Burning Man? Is the Org making a ton of money from that show?

Some participants loved the “Malcolm in the Middle” episode about Burning Man; others hated it. The organization was completely neutral about this and did not promote, profit from, or try to prevent this episode from airing. Although “Burning Man” is a registered trademark, the First Amendment allows the public to comment upon and spoof Burning Man because of the event’s notoriety in the public eye. As a side note - sure the episode was “cheesy” but it’s clear that the writers of the episode “got” the meaning of Burning Man.