Anyone miss MITM?


i really miss MITM
Fortunately, there are a number of alternative options available now, if you want to watch the series again. If you haven't recorded the episodes, like I did in the first place, you can buy a number of DVD sets now, and some paid TV or streaming video channels still show it. It used to be on Netflix, or as a streaming service from Amazon Prime. If you're in the US, you can watch it streamed on Hulu. The new Disney+ channel is scheduled to air it.

Of course, it all depends on the availability in your country, like if there are dubbed or subtitled versions, or if the DVD region (1 or 2) is suitable for your country. And how much you are willing to pay for it!


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Could Malcolm help us get through the current crisis?!

In trying times like these, especially when you're physically isolated from the rest of the world, it could be a great idea to do some binge-watching, or couch-potato-ing, bonding with your loved ones if you can, and surrender to the wild but winsome family life of Malcolm and company!

Especially now, we need to take our minds off our sorrows and uncertainties sometimes and just let go.....

Best, and be strong and safe,

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After a long while, I've come back to rewatching all 7 seasons on DVD and, I have to say, it really is helping with giving me something comfortable and familiar to identify with as we're in difficult times. I think I forgot how much I enjoy this show! I hope everyone here is safe and well.