Anyone miss MITM?


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I miss MITM, so much I joined this lovely community to get my Malcolm hit. I watch MITM all the time though, but I wish there was more to watch. *Holds out for Jamie in the Middle* :)


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Hi Identity, and welcome to the community! :)

I think 'Jamie in the Middle' would be a really cool idea -- perhaps in a few years time? :)


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Of course I do, but it's still on FX mid day in The US:)

Yeah, that made me happy when I found out earlier last year. It's on from 7:00 AM-8:00 AM in the morning, and in the afternoon it shows anywhere from two to even six episodes between 1:00 PM-5:00 PM depending on the day. It really rocks. I really do miss it, and I wish Fox would start playing reruns on Sunday nights, or even on weekdays.


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Who doesn't miss the greatest show on televison!

I don't think that there is a single person out there that doesn't miss MITM, it was and still is my favorite show on television. I have been watching this show since the beginning and I still love the show. This is the best show out there because it shows that even a dysfunctional family has there moments.


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I wish the show continued, but I guess the actors were done with it. I think there could have been some good plots though, especially with Malcolm in college. But at the same time, Dewey and Jamie living with just the two of them would be almost sad to watch. So yeah, I miss the show, but at least what they did create is good and and they didn't push their luck in trying for a season 8.


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Of course I miss it but I am always happy when it is showed on tv and I'm pretty excited about the dvd releases. :w00t:

As for if the series should have run longer or not: I think regarding the child actors it ran pretty long. The thing is they grow up and want to move on/ do other things. I think they could have done some more great episodes but overall I’m pretty happy with how well it was made and how long it ran. If it would have ran longer it might have looked they were stretching it too far to a point where storylines got thin or too unrealistic. Quality vs. quantity. It was well balanced the way it was.

Although I would love to see a one-of special reunion episode. (especially after the cast reunion that happened a few months ago) A view of how things went for Malcom and the rest of the family after graduation. I think that would be cool. :)


Well said, Karin and Smlime16. My thoughts exactly. A one-off reunion would be nice, but I too think the series had run its course and with three of the boys away from home, it would be a stretch to make this work and not retread (derivative, so weaker) story lines.

Older, similar family-oriented series like The Cosby Show and Family Ties tried to plod on by adding new babies or live-in younger cousins, and for instance Home Improvement ended in strife, because the leading actor had enough. Also, you could feel The Adventures of Pete & Pete coming to an end when the dynamic changed as older Pete was about to enter college and younger Pete hit puberty, and could hardly be expected to live in a kind of dreamlike fantasy world. No actor wants to be stereotyped in one role, and I can imagine teenagers hating it when they keep being seen as that cute little kid from years ago.

I really think it's a good thing MITM didn't peter out with embarrassingly weak episodes, which could easily have happened.


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Yeh I miss it who doesn't
I do agree that season 8 of mitm would have been very riscky so I am glad they didn't try it but I was startled, disgusted and confused ass to why they never did the one off special or Evan a movie at some point.
But yeh mitm will be in our hearts for ever


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New here guys!
Just been watching the entire series from start to finish, currently up to near the start of season 6. I love this show so much! It just gets better and better, I remember watching it when it was on TV here (Like 2002-2004).

I actually want to buy the DVD box set, but seeing as it's only being released in the UK (NTSC) I won't be able to because I live in Australia :cursing:

I'm going to try and savour this show, because I just really enjoy the humor so much :D


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Im currently watching it from season 1 to season 7 im about half way through season 7, love it so much!!! when im done im just gonna loop back to season 1 episode 1 and start over again!!!

reese and malcolm abba dance scene has to be one of the best scenes ever made in tv, i cant stop laughing at it and must of re-winded about 20 times now to re-watch!!

one of the best shows ever.
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