An error.

Dewey Muhammadov

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I was re-watching the series as I usually do. I like to catch the details and some others.

On Season 6 Episode 5 titled "Kitty's Back" there is an error. Dewey's birthday is wrong.

Here me out. I was looking for this episode because I knew Dewey had 2 birthdays in this series.

The one before that is in Season 4 Episode 20 titled "Baby: Part 1". An excellent performance by Erik. That was Dewey's birthday which was in September according to Yardgames TimeLine MITMVC.htm

Anyway, Dewey is 10 in Season 4 Episode 20 (timelines September 2003), assuming he is 7 in season aka born in 1993.

The mistake they did is they made his BIRTHDAY PARTY in December 2004. in Season 6 Episode 5 which is wrong, YARDGAMES agrees with me because he doesn't write Dewey's birthday in Season 6.

Season 6 Episode 4 is ---------->Pearl Harbour's day December 7 2004
Season 6 Episode 5 is ------->Dewey's Birthday TOTALLY WRONG
Season 6 Episode 6 is ------->Christmas's Day December 25 2004.


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I know. I'm just going to assume this one is set before both 604 and 606, particularly because of the fact that in this episode Reese is shown sunbathing, something that's pretty tricky in December, and even trickier to get burned during.