"American dad" insults Frankie Muniz!!!

I can't believe it! If you watch "American Dad" episode S07E17 of this show and go to minute 1, Roger says:,, You are ugly like Frankie Muniz." and ,, Malcolm with an ass"!

I watched American Dad on German and translated it now for you, maybe is it in English a little bit other. But watch it!

Really, really bad of those men which produced "American Dad". I am male and I'm not gay, but I think Frankie is a nice man and not ugly.

"Malcolm in the middle" has touched my heart, I love it so much. I would make almost evrything to go back in tima and stay on the set with those actors. I wanna build once in my life the exactly same house like in Malcolm in the middle. And make a museum.


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"American Dad" episode S07E17
Or, according to Wikipedia, S08E17 ("Ricky Spanish").
maybe is it in English a little bit other.
More than a little bit: In the dubbed version "moth" is translated with "Mutter" (mother) and "big Clippers fan" replaced with that very strange pun you have already mentioned before ("Malcolm mit 'nem Arsch" which refers to "Malcolm mittendrin", the German name of MITM). Obviously Frankie Muniz (by name) and the LA Clippers are supposed to be widely unknown in the German-speaking area.

The original lines:
Steve: What's wrong, Roger?

Roger: Something ate holes in all my sweaters! They're ruined! Gracious Some of my best costumes are sweater-based.
How am I supposed to be Japanese subway molester Shinju Omigawa without his baby blue cardigan?! That's the culprit, right there! Step on him, Steve! I don't want to mess up my shoes.

Steve: We can't kill it.
That caterpillar is going to change into a beautiful butterfly.

Roger: It's ugly and disgusting, like Frankie Muniz! And it's just going to become a moth and stay ugly and disgusting like Frankie Muniz.
Big Clippers fan.
Really, really bad of those men which produced "American Dad".
You shouldn't take this - American Dad in general and the character of Roger in particular - too seriously. ;)
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They made a lot more remarks about Frankie/ Malcolm in this series and Family Guy. Like Blauge already said: Don’t take it too serious. They make fun of pretty much everyone and everything.


Thanks for the explanation, Blauge. I was getting a bit multi-culturally mixed up here ;).

Strictly speaking you are right, SwissFD, and it's insulting to Frankie, but in the school of 'shock comedy animation', like Family Guy and especially South Park, nothing is sacred, and they're always making fun of touchy issues like religion, sex, race, gender, disease, death, crime and what have you.

And as Dewey M. has hinted at, Bryan Cranston actually voiced his Hal character in the skit he referred to from Family Guy, which is from the same creator as American Dad, so Bryan appears to be cool with it.



My guess is, that in the next episode, 'Frankie Muniz' will transform into Mothra and wipe out the whole family, including Roger!

Revenge has never been so sweet! Mark my words! :p