Amaani vs. Piama

Amaani or Piama?

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Amaani and Piama are my two favorite of Francis' girls! :D They are both gorgeous (well at least Piama was from season 4 on)...which one do like better?

I know Piama will probably win by a landslide since she stuck with him in the long run, and I've seen complaints on this forum about how they feel the girls on the show are portrayed as being nasty, and Piama at least had a few good sincere moments...but Amaani was also cute!! :wub:


Yes, I agree Piama was great on the show, being both obnoxious and sensible by turns, and she stuck it out for a long time too - in fact to the very (bitter?) end, although people of Inuit extraction or those familiar with them kept saying she looked nothing like an Eskimo, being Filipino by birth of course.

I think it's a pity that, if I'm not mistaken, Emy Coligado never seemed to have found her niche as an actress since, including one silly commercial I spotted on YouTube that was really beneath her.