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Those were funny J. I've seen stuff like that before, but I don't know if it was from this website. Someone did one that parodied Buch and Kerry during the last presidental election. It was hilarious! I don't remember where it was though.


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Oh, I found it!! :D It was by Here it is:

This Land

There are pretty funny too:

Second Term
Big Box Mart (Sam will appreciate that one since he loves Wal-Mart so much. :D )

There's some other stuff on there too. I had to hit refresh a few times to get some of them to play.


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UK isnt as hyped as US for rating system. (from what i know) we have U = universal (for everyone) PG= parental guidance (ok for under 12 with parents concent) 12 (ages 12 and older) 12A (i think it means more mature 12) 15 (15 and over) 18 (18 and over)

we have that system for films. thats it really. a website/tv show doesnt really get a rating. however there is a sorta 9 oclcok watershed, past 9 you can broadcast mature material, before it mustd e kid safe. but its a bit vague and varried.

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Wow i love that site. It has the llama song on it and it's very funny. I suggest you check it out soon as it's hilarious and addictind. Who agrees?