80s fans


80s what?

Do you mean 80s women? If so, then my answer is a definate no. I prefer to date ladies whom are in their 20s.

I mean no offense if you happen to be a lady in her 80s though!


Hey Jared Sklba -

Welcome to the forums!! By 80's fans, do you happen to mean 80's music? In that case, I'm a big fan of 80's music. My favorite artists from that time are Genesis, Sheriff, Foreigner, Air Supply, Don Henley...and the list goes on. LOL :D

Again, welcome and have fun posting!! :)


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He couldn't have meant 80's music--he put it in the movies, television, and video games thread. Maybe he meant 80's video games? Like those old Atari things with like 16 pixels...they still have some of those at my bowling alley.

Welcome, jared. Enjoy your stay.


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i love the 80s heavy metal music. But that's all, i don't like the clothes, i don't like many of the films from that time, and i don't like other things. For me, the 80s seem to have been "grey", which means somehow uncomfortable and awkward. But it's just my guess, during the 80s i was a toddler.