10-year-old chat with Chris from Febr. 2000!


It's a pity sometimes if live chats come at such short notice, because it's nice preparing a bit for them.

How about this extensive chat, hosted by React.com in Febr. 2000! It'd be a great framework for a next chat if we can confront him (or embarrass him) with these comments from a decade ago! In some ways Chris is remarkably consistent: he still thinks the MITM Pilot is his favourite episode!

Archived source: http://web.archive.org/web/20000816043529/http://www.react.com/entertainment/chat/schedule/trans_masterson.html

Christopher: Hello everybody!

fionafish_2000 asks: Last night there was a lot of Francis. Will there be more episodes like that soon???
Christopher: Yeah, they are talking about developing a couple of more episodes around my character. Last night's episode was actually supposed to be the second one shown, but it got pushed back.

ckm_angel asks: Hi! What do you prefer to be addressed as: Chris, Christopher or Christopher Kennedy?
Christopher: I like Christopher.

pantomime_182 asks: What inspired you to go into acting?
Christopher: I don't think I was ever really inspired, I started when I was a baby in New York, and I didn't really know what I was doing. Since then I haven't ever really stopped working. It's always been something I've done. And I'm enjoying more as I get older.

fionafish_2000 asks: What's Francis' last name on the show? I don't think I've ever heard it . . .
Christopher: Our family doesn't have a last name. We don't even have ages. We also don't know where we're from.

CoolDan989 asks: Are you surprised by the booming success of Malcolm In The Middle"?
Christopher: Yeah, I'm a little surprised, I'm pretty happy about it. When we started we were making this little show that seemed pretty cool at the time. Somehow it became really big.

brightlight11 asks: Hi! I wanted to know if you were planning on doing any movies?
Christopher: I've been talking to some people about possibly doing a movie this summer while we're off, but I haven't decided on a certain project yet.

young_lassy asks: What do you think about being in chat??? Talking to strangers????
Christopher: Personally, I like strangers.

Zillion999 asks: Did you ever have stage fright?
Christopher: That's a funny question. No, I don't get stage fright. And I don't really know why that is. I've done a couple of plays that are notorious for that sort of thing, and it hasn't fazed me all that much. I guess that's a good thing.

ckm_angel asks: Hey Chris! My name is Jen, and I wanted to know why type of music you are into, and who is your favourite band? Thanks! Lotsa luv :)
Christopher: I don't really have a particular kind of music that I'm most fond of. My favorite band right now is Radiohead. But I like all kinds of music, classical, jazz, and what they're now calling alternative.

fionafish_2000 asks: What's your favorite TV show? (besides Malcolm)
Christopher: My all time favorite show which is gone now is the Larry Sanders Show. But I actually don't have a TV so I don't watch that much.

banzoruss asks: Do you think of yourself as a teen idol now?
Christopher: No. I don't think I'll ever think of myself as a teen idol.

y2janied asks: Do you have a favorite sport?
Christopher: Surfing. Generally I don't really play team sports, like baseball or football. I'm more fond of solo sports like surfing, climbing and shooting.

popgrl17 asks: What's your favorite action movie?
Christopher: I would say probably Hard Boiled. A very cool movie, known as the Gun Movie.

CoolDan989 asks: What's it like working with Frankie Muniz?
Christopher: Frankie is great. I've worked with quite a few kids before. The thing I like about the kids on Malcolm is that although they are very professional, they still haven't lost the sense of being kids. They screw around, run around the set, but as soon as someone yells "Action," they put that aside for the time being and concentrate on work.

BabyAzure54321 asks: What three things would you take with you if you were stranded on a desert island? (ps- your cute)
Christopher: A house, a beautiful girl and my dog.

young_lassy asks: Do you have a girl friend ???
Christopher: I do have a girlfriend.

CoolDan989 asks: What's your favorite cereal?
Christopher: Cptn. Crunch.

krystalinna asks: What's your favorite book?
Christopher: "Ham on Rye," by Bukowski, Charles Bukowski.

manolis_varnassinger asks: Chris, the show is very funny. What do you think of your brothers show That '70s Show and do you go to the shootings?
Christopher: I make it to most of the tapings, and I like the show a lot. I watch videos of it sometimes, so I guess you could say it's the only show on TV that I watch.

young_lassy asks: Have you ever got your heart broke before???
Christopher: Yes.

y2janied asks: What's your favorite episode so far?
Christopher: I would say the first episode, the pilot. Although I did enjoy Krelboyne Picnic and Francis Escapes.

krystalinna asks: Will you ever guest star on That 70's Show?
Christopher: We really haven't talked about me guest starring on That 70's Show, but if I did I probably wouldn't be playing a character related to my brother.

exergal asks: Do you have a crush on any celebrities?
Christopher: LOL! No.

banzoruss asks: What shirt are you wearing right now?
Christopher: I'm wearing a red Ruger Firearms shirt.

ashley32086 asks: Do a lot of girls notice who you are in public?
Christopher: It depends. Some days I look more like myself than other days. Because sometimes when I'm out I'll have a lot of people asking me if I'm that guy, and then other days no one pays attention to me.

Anne_Chovey asks: Any plot twists you would care to entice us with?
Christopher: I really can't, because I don't even know what shows they've aired.

lindros887 asks: Do you like the charecter that u play?
Christopher: I like my character a lot, because in one sense he's a little evil. And in another he's a really nice guy with a big heart. So I kind of get to play a villainous character and at the same time play someone who really cares. So it doesn't get boring for me.

CoolDan989 asks: If you could change one thing about Francis, what would it be?
Christopher: I'd make his hair longer.

blink182caligurl asks: Do you act like Francis in real life?
Christopher: I kind of base Francis on how I was five or more years ago. But these days Francis and I don't really match personality-wise all that much.

Caramel_cream_13 asks: Do you laugh a lot on the set of MITM?
Christopher: Yes, we do laugh a lot. There's always different practical jokes going around, and the cast and crew are all generally funny people. So they keep my stomach hurting.

midnitekilla asks: Chris, what is your favorite brand of toothpaste?
Christopher: Mentadent.

CoolDan989 asks: Are you the practical jokester on Malcolm In The Middle?
Christopher: Our unit production manager, a guy named Jimmy [James Simons, ed.], has been deemed the practical jokester. He's very verbal, he'll tell you something very confusing, and you try to find out about it, and end up looking like a complete shmuck.

banzoruss asks: You have any weird habits?
Christopher: LOL! I talk to myself a lot, which I guess is a little weird. Sometimes when I'm driving I'll be having a conversation with myself, and there'll be a whole family in a minivan watching.

Caramel_cream_13 asks: Were you popular in high school?
Christopher: No, I really wasn't very popular. Because a lot of time I was working during high school. So I would only make school once or twice a week. So I never really got to acquire a big group of friends.
Host Did you go to the prom?
Christopher: No. I was in Malta. Doing a movie.

TIF_14_99 asks: What did you have for breakfast today?--Lisa in Canada
Christopher: LOL! I didn't eat breakfast. For lunch I had a meatball sandwich. From Subway, actually. Hi Lisa from Canada! Vive le Canada!

puppy_love_21_1999 asks: Whats your favorite place to think?
Christopher: I do 90 percent of my thinking in the shower. I don't know why that is but I have big revelations there.
Host: Do you sing in the shower?
Christopher: No.

banzoruss asks: Waffles or pancakes?
Christopher: Waffles, Belgian waffles.
Christopher: Syrup.

banzoruss asks: Did you ever wear braces?
Christopher: No, but I had about five retainers. I was never able to keep one more than a month. One fell out of my mouth while I was riding my bike and I ran it over. The dog ate another one. But she has really good teeth now, so it all worked out.

CoolDan989 asks: What's on your walls of your trailer?
Christopher: Wall paper. White wall paper.

drunkenhilly asks: Christopher, I'm Hilary, love your show. Has anyone ever told you that you look like anyone famous (other than you, of course)
Christopher: I've heard that I look like Wesley Snipes a few times. And someone once told me I look like Elvis. The older years.

SKYLIR asks: What do you do to kick back after working on Malcolm all day?
Christopher: I usually drive out to Malibu and surf. Then I'll come home and hang out with my dog.

CoolDan989 asks: How did you get started on Malcolm In The Middle?
Christopher: The job came pretty easy which was nice. I auditioned for it. And that was how I booked it. Normally you have to audition, go back again for a callback. And then do a thing called going to network, which is where you read in front of all of the network executives. All in all it's a pretty long process, so it was nice with I that I only had to go once.

banzoruss asks: If you could characterize yourself in one word, what would it be?
Christopher: Me.

snboorder asks: How many hours a day to you work?
Christopher: That would depend on the day. Some days I work as many as 15 hours. Other days it might only take three.

fionafish_2000 asks: If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go?
Christopher: Venice, Italy.

banzoruss asks: Do you ever get intimidated by other actors and the whole Hollywood scene?
Christopher: No, not really. There's people I respect, but I wouldn't say that I'm intimidated.

manolis_varnassinger asks: Chris, where do you shoot the show?
Christopher: I shoot it in Studio City, California, at the same studio where Roseanne and Seinfeld were shot.

ladyerynne asks: I heard that the family on the show is based on the producer's family or something. Is that true?
Christopher: Yes, the family is based on Linwood Boomer's family. And a lot of things you see in the show are based on experiences he had growing up.

blink182caligurl asks: What kind of dog do you have????
Christopher: An Australian Shepard named Cody, he's pretty feisty and sometimes bites people.

popgrl17 asks: What actor/actress would you most like to work with?
Christopher: Gary Oldman and Lili Taylor.

TIF_14_99 asks: Is your bellybutton an "innie" or and "outtie"?- Lisa in Canada
Christopher: Currently I have an innie, but some day if I get really fat, it might become an outie.

night_princess_2001 asks: What person on the set do you get along with the most?
Christopher: I get along with everybody on the set. I'm really lucky to be part of a cast of people who are all really nice.

lindros887 asks: Chris, do u like hockey?
Christopher: I like watching hockey live, I don't like watching it on TV. I don't play it myself. My brother plays ice hockey though.

banzoruss asks: What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Christopher: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Ben & Jerry's.

kymberli_rose696 asks: What would you like to see your character do that he wasn't yet?
Christopher: I would like to see him join a synchronized swimming team.

carleemouse asks: What's your favorite candy bar?
Christopher: I don't eat candy. But I once had a candy bar called a Violet Crumble. It was very good. I had nice dreams that night.

juiceballsteer asks: Chris, have you ever stole a road sign or car surfed or anything crazy like that?
Christopher: I once stole a stop sign and I currently have a fire hydrant in my living room. I had to wash it because it smelled like dog piss. Now it's nice and red and shiny. My dog finds it very confusing.

so_cal_skater_surfer_chick asks: Dude, what's something that TOTALLY ticks you off?
Christopher: When people run into my car. When people throw things at me. When people ask me if I'm related to Liberace.
Host What do you do when you get mad?
Christopher: I used to be an internalizer. In the past year or so I've become a wall puncher. I punched my mom's refrigeration once, I had to buy her a new one.

banzoruss asks: Do you speak any other languages?
Christopher: I speak Pig Latin.

sporty_1982_2000 asks: Hey Chris, I think you are cute. I want to go into acting. How do you think I should pursue my dream?
Christopher: Get into a good acting class until you are comfortable with your acting ability. Then call a local talent agency and go and read for them.

venusaurlover2000 asks: What kind of car do you drive?
Christopher: A Dodge Ram Pickup, four door. And now all these people who I didn't know were my friends call me when they're moving...

anatwin2000 asks: Are you gonna be Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2?
Christopher: That's the second time I've heard that today! That would be nice.

krystalinna asks: What's the most implusive thing you ever bought?
Christopher: Probably my computer.

pudda20 asks: Hey Chris, do u have any free time to go back home to visit friends :) Brooke
Christopher: Yeah, I go back to New York a few times a year, and I hang out with my family and some of the friends I grew up with.

fionafish_2000 asks: Do you and your brother compete for the same roles?
Christopher: We have a few times. But generally we go out for different types of roles.

so_cal_skater_surfer_chick asks: SWEETNESS! You surf??? what kind-a board(s) do you have?
Christopher: I have a Becker six-foot.

ande5555 asks: Are your friends in showbiz?
Christopher: I have some friends in show business, I also have some friends who are roofers and garbagemen.

filo_999 asks: You prefer the night or the day?
Christopher: I started as a day person, became a night person for a few years, and now I've graduated back into a day person.

Caramel_cream_13 asks: Who's the best actor/actresses on the show, in your opinion?
Christopher: I would give the best actor title to Bryan Cranston, who plays Hal, the father. He's recently become my favorite character. Best actress I'd say Jane, who plays Lois.

krystalinna asks: Whats your favorite holiday?
Christopher: A cross between St. Patrick's Day and Christmas. Last year I went to the House of Blues on St. Patrick's Day and saw a band, The Young Dubliners.

ooze64 asks: Is there a lot of acting in your family, besides your brother?
Christopher: My younger brother Jordan has done a couple of TV movies, and my younger sister Alanna was on the Young and the Restless for a while.
Host Are those your only siblings?
Christopher: I have another brother in New York, he plays sports, he actually really good.

banzoruss asks: Do you have a favorite quote or philosophy?
Christopher: I'm going to give you a quote from a book called "Youth in Revolt" by C.D. Payne. It's "Gee Nick, you're kind of fresh. I think it's zinky we live so close together. Want to sleep over tonight? I got a tent in my backyard."
Host What does "zinky" mean?
Christopher: Groovy, exciting.

Christopher: Thanks everybody for coming out. I'm glad you enjoy the show. Good bye!
Host: Thanks for chatting with us Christopher!
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Alanna and Jordan Masterson

In the chat, Chris refers to his siblings Alanna and Jordan (Jordy). They're his half sister and half brother.

Here they attend the opening reception for "Stories: New Photographs by Shalon Goss" on July 26, 2007 in Hollywood.

Jordan and Alanna had walk-on parts in 'Malcolm in the Middle'. Jordan was one of the students greeting Malcolm with "Hi, Stain" in 'Humilithon' (4x02) and Alanna was the young high school mom in 'Malcolm's Money' (7x10).

Alanna in 'Malcolm's Money':