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    Hello, again!

    Wow, i can't believe i found this site again! I can remember coming on here all the time, back in the good times when Malcolm in the Middle was still on! Malcolm in the Middle is still one of my favourite programs and i watch it whenever it's on really. It's amazing i still love it after all...
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    I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this really cool show. It was on FOX in the USA and is on trouble in the UK. I think it's really good and i laugh my head off every time i watch it. Does anyone like it because i love it?
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    Christmas with the Kranks

    Has anyone seen christmas with the kranks? I've bought it and watched it at my sleepover!! Erik Per Sullivan plays Spike Frohmeyer in it and he's a really good actor in this film. Has anyone seen/bought christmas with the kranks yet? I didn't see it in the cinema so i bought it for the fun of it!!:)
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    Family Guy and Simpsons

    There has not been a thread on this before i don't think but i like this program and as it's rated the number one cartoon in the world, i guess we should talk about it more!! My favourite character is probably bart because he's cool and he knows nothing but is totally cool with it. I also like...
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    Pictures from Season 7!!

    I've just found some amazing pictures of season 7 for anybody who's interested. I've got some links and i really hope they work otherwise i'm truly very sorry:,%20Justin...
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    Dewey: My Favourite Character

    Does anyone here like Dewey? Is he your favourite character? Well he's mine anyway. Here put as many things about the adorable Dewey as you can. I think Dewey is Cool and funny!! My great poem on Dewey:-) Dewey Dewey is small, and ever so sweet, I like him because he's small. He seems a nice...
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    Erik, Frankie and Justin

    I think we talk too much about characters in Malcolm in the Middle. For a change it would be nice to post about what happens in real life. What they get up to, premiers, films!! You can include other actors/actreses too if they are in Malcolm in the Middle. Here i have listed some information...
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    Season 7 Guest appearances

    Here are some guest appearances i looked up on imdb: "Burning Man" Episode: #7.1 - 23 September 2005 Rosanna Arquette... Anita Jeff Doucette...Nate Karen Dyer...Bystander #1 Rebecca Metz...Burning Man's Mother Kim Shannon... Kit CeCe Tsou...Vivian "Health Insurance" Episode: #7.2 -...
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    Will Dewey's Voice Break this Season?

    I wonder what Dewey will sound like with his voice has broken?
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    Erik, Frankie and Justin Outside MITM

    What do you know about these great actors? I know Erik has recently completed his film 'once not far from home' where he plays 'the little boy. Check imdb for all of his premiere pictures and new films. Did you know, Justin Berfield was in 'the good life' in 1994- ages ago when i was 2!!
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    How do you know you are a Superfan!

    Personally, i don't know how your a superfan but i need a little quiz to test my MitM knowledge. I am a pretty good fan, i know that, even though i'm 13!!:Tupac: