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    Episode Titles

    Until about a year back, I never paid any attention to, and frankly never knew episode titles for any show. But recently, I've been noticing them a lot, and they've actually been impacting my reaction to or opinion of the show. In MitM, I notice when the title is not the Malcolm plotline...
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    After watching Francis waste his time concentrating on anything but his project in Reese Cooks, I've started noticing this behavior in myself. I find fascinatingly stupid ways of keeping myself busy and away from my real work. I'm pretty sure everyone does this, although perhaps some to a...
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    Malcolm and the Camera

    As many of you have noted, Malcolm talks to the camera much less, if at all, in recent episodes. I'm sure many of us miss this, but it's been suggested that the reason for this is that now we know the family pretty well and Malcolm doesn't have to explain things anymore. Would you like to...
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    I was just looking for some old threads and couldn't find them. Have they been deleted? Is there an archive? How can I get to it?
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    Episode identification

    I saw part of a MitM ep that I couldn't identify. I tried looking at the plots of the eps I hadn't seen in the Episode Guide, but I couldn't find it. Could someone tell me which one it is? It looked like an ep from a recent season - 5 or 6 probably. Hal's eyes were bandaged and he was...
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    I was having a really interesting discussion with a friend today about Monsanto. We were just throwing aroung ideas and neither of us really had an opinion. What are your thoughts on Monsanto and that kind of stuff in general? If you don't know what Monsanto is...well,um...I'll try to come up...
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    Cross Episode Reference

    In Stilts, Hal confessed to burning Lois' dress from Red Dress. In Francis Escapes, Francis mentions the "farm girls" who hang around outside Marlin Academy ie the "local girls" from Dinner Out. Has anyone noticed any other cross-episode references?