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    Lois: An awful parent?

    Sorry. That's right, in advance I am sorry for this post because I know it won't be recieved warmly :laugh: But in my honest opinion, Lois is an awful parent. Let's face it, she shipped Francis off to Military School when he was just a sixteen year old kid. She didn't care what sort of...
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    Stilts-why was it so special?

    Why is the episode "Stilts" considered in such high regard? Is it just because of the few seconds of Malcolm/Reese/Dewey from Season One? I've watched the episode, and think of it as an okay episode, probably wouldn't even by in my top 10 of the season, though.
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    The Murph Show

    If anybody's interested, I have my own "radio show" on Youtube, "The Murph Show", or, "TMS", here's the first episode: TMS 1; Part One: TMS 1; part Two: Thanks -Murph
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    Reese Leaving Home

    In the final episode, why did Reese HAVE to leave home as soon as he turned 18? I found that a bit cruel. My brother will be 18 in November, and I'd hate to see him leave on his own choice, but to get thrown out-it's just bad parenting. Whether your kids are 8, 18 or 80, it doesn't matter...
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    What happened to Reese?

    When MITM started, Reese was like 12 and 5'0", he only grew like 7 inches over seven years. His build also used to be so great, but from Season 5 on, he looks very wimpish. So what happened to him?
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    Sorry, but...

    I'm pretty sure it was on this site, where can I find the youtube video made with the entire "Boss of me" song being played, as someboy edited to fit the opening credits. Again, sorry, but it was just so VERY cool, I can't find it, know...I want to.
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    Season 7 Forum

    Will the Season 7 forum remain there forever, because the season has been over for a few months, and there are no new seasons coming...I don't mind it, but it isn't really deserving of it's on forum. This IS just an idea, and I understand anybody who thinks of it as a bad idea, but could the...
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    Here's the thread to point out the little things you have noticed in MITM that have bothered you! Anybody wanna go first-okay, fair enough, I'll go first :D In "Day Care", when the boys are going to a Catholic church, and Dewey asks Hal "what's the deal with the T on the wall?" (referring...
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    Last Episodes

    What do you think of show's last episodes? Of course, it varies from show to show... Frasier's last episode was ridiculous, with Kelsey Grammar completely taking over, speaking as himself and not Frasier. I liked MITM's final episode, with Hal's scream at the end being one of my favourite...
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    Similar to MITM Shows

    What do you think of shows similar to MITM like Oliver Beene, or Brothers Garicia, Complete Savages etc. I take a liking to them for the same reasons I like MITM, probably due to the similarity as well, but what do you folk think about them?
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    A "Lois Punishment"

    Does anybody think it would have been a good idea (pretending the show is real for a minute), that Lois gave the boys punishments for HER benefit, instead of getting stressed out with them, not knowing what they're doing, like for example, making the boys massage her feet, or do the laundry?
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    If there was a MITM spin-off...

    If there was a MITM spin-off, which characters would you most like it to involve? I'd like a Francis-Piama based one, as they have good couples chemistry, and of course, Francis is such a great actor! So IF there was to be a MITM (which I doubt there will be), what would you must like it to...
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    Are any members currently into the WWE, TNA, or any other wrestling promotion? I'm a huge wrestling fan, and have been for years, and always go when they come here to Belfast. The current WWE however, should not have brought back ECW, it's ruining a great legacy, but in the main alternative...
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    Hey there

    Hey, I'm new to this forum, and I'm from Belfast, Ireland. I got into Malcolm in the Middle at the beginning of Season 3 when it premiered on Sky One, and excluding some episodes of Season 7, never missed a second of it. So...hello :D
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    Dewey-when did the cuteness die?

    When did Dewey's cuteness die for you? I noticed it slipping through Season 4 and 5, but it was confirmed in the episode "Billboard" when he was screaming "no" and clutching to the simply wasn't cute. So, if it has died for you, when was the defining moment?