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  1. KissedByFire

    Frankie Muniz visiting the Discovery's TV Show "Misfit Garage"

    Frankie Muniz visiting the TV Show "Misfit Garage" In yesterday episode (S05E08) of Misfit Garage, Frankie Muniz visits to check out their beautifully restored red '60 Ford Sunliner. Here are some pics:
  2. KissedByFire

    Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle

    Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle due to mini-strokes and concussions. Frankie Muniz in Dancing with the Stars (S25E05): More here: Full Entertainment Weekly article text...
  3. KissedByFire

    as Netflix is kicking MITM out, 1080p come to torrent!!!!!!

    search the RARBG website for: you will be very pleased with the results.. all 7 seasons with 1080p quality. downloading now oh how many years i'v been waiting for this to happen. and they all include English Subtitles too. awesome
  4. KissedByFire

    How mitm predicted Dexter:

    Malcolm in the Middle S02E18 00:05:35 MITM S02E18: 2001. Dexter: 2006 (Series), 2004 (Book).
  5. KissedByFire

    can i help?

    i can code Java, C# .NET, C++. is that of any use to the site?
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    can't upload avatar or profile pictures

    can't upload avatar or profile pictures. not from computer and not from url. all pics i tried were 20kb 120x120 pixel jpg format. i get "invalid file" error. just try to add personal avatar to an account and you will see for yourself. cheers P.S.: i also sent a message about it using this form