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    Ocean's Twelve Joke

    Has anyone seen the joke in Ocean's Twelve with Topher Grace (playing himself) and Brad Pitt. Topher Grace trashes a hotel room and Rusty (Brad Pitt) says something like " you didn't need to go all Frankie Muniz on me". I didn't really get it. Is it saying that Frankie has a reputation for...
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    I had to post this... I just watched this amazing film called Crash with an all star cast. The film is totally mind blowing!! Its about all these people whos lives are linked by their steroticical views on race, that have to some extent become extremist views. The film is so well done that...
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    Is anyone else watching the new season of 24? What are your thoughts on this one? I personally like it, It keeps you on the edge of your seat for the hole episode and you never can predict what is going to happen in the next episode or the rest of the season. I missed season 3 and 4, so I'm...
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    Song off an advert on SKY

    Has anyone that watches SKY seen the advert for that show Battlestar Galactic. I really like the song playing in the backgroud for the SKYone/SKYtwo advert. Does anyone know what it is?? I was looking for it today but I can't find it:( .
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    What are your New year Resolutions??

    Since its only hours away what are everybodys New Year Resolutions for 2006? Here are afew of mine: Read awhole book cover to cover, Spend less money on cloths etc.. and most importanly work towards completing my A-levels. Thats just afew easy ones that I image I will be able to achieve...
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    Brands in the United States

    I have been thinking recently where I would like to live when I'm older. At the moment I am really thinking that I would like to move to the USA, but I'd like to know if you purchase any of the following in USA: Marmite Ribena Fosters Marlboro Lights/Gold (I'm sure you can)
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    Frankie Muniz on Punk'd

    gad3QB2HM4E I just saw a repeat of an episode of "Punk'd" where Aston Kutcher plays pranks on other celebrities. This one had Frankie Muniz and the prank was a CLASSIC. They got him to show up at this resturant and they stole his car from the car park which was worth $250,000!! He went mad...
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    what jobs does everyone do??

    I just thought that it might be interesting to find out what everybody does for work, whether it is full time or if you work in between school or even at all. I myself work part time for Shell in a petrol station serving ungrateful people all day, when I'm not in Sixth form studying for my...
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    song from " The Bots and the Bees"

    Incase anyone has ever wondered the song that is playing when Hal is pulling apart what looks to be a lawn mower is " Fire" by the " Ohio Players". Its a good song:) . Just thought I would mention it as it is not under "Songs played in episode"
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    Starting Credits

    On the starting credits to every episode (after the cold opener) they have afew clips from episodes with the actors names running across the screen and the "They Might Be Giants - Boss of ME" theme. I want to know if any 1 knows what the episode is that has what looks to be reese with rubbish...
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    Newly addicted MITM fan!

    Hey everybody, (I have only just joined this forum this week and have spent afew hours looking back at some previous threads and post. I have to say that this seems a really good place dedicated to MITM, and I'd like to say well done to the sites owner and its MODS!!) Alittle about me... My...