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  1. Amigo22

    End Credits instrumental theme

    A few months ago someone was looking for the instrumental verison of the theme song. If that member is still around, I found it:
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    MITM based on Linwood Boomer's family?

    From the FOX forums: Is this true?
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    Houseboat - the incident at the sports store

    Malcolm got blamed for Hal almost becoming a registered sex offender, when Hal brought the whole thing on himself. Even if the woman had been Lois, it was a public place, and there were other customers in the store who would have seen and heard what was going on. Sure, the woman looked similar...
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    Writers Strike in the US

    I just found out about this a few days ago. The article I saw mentioned them being unhappy about episodes being available on the Internet. Yeah, dump the blame on the viewing public, it's all our fault that the production companies are so slow to release the DVDs :rolleyes: And it's just going...
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    Eight People, Seven Sleeping Spaces

    In Grandma Sues, Malcolm says there are eight people in the house and only seven sleeping spaces, when there are 2 bedrooms and 3 beds (2 double, 1 single), which is only 5 spaces. Which raises the question of where the boys would have slept when the grandparents visited in Season 2. Unless the...
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    Favourite / Least Favourite Season

    I came across another MITM board tonight where the show was labelled a "declining has-been" during the 2004 season (Season 4) and another member labelled the 2nd and 3rd season "a sophomore season that made me stop watching, and a middling third year". I disagree with both comments. Seasons 4...
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    Transcripts 2

    Season 5
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    Everybody Hates Chris

    Does / did anyone else watch this show? I like it ;D
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    Whoopi Goldberg should have guest-starred on MITM

    She guest-starred in an episode of Everybody Hates Chris as an annoying neighbour and she was hilarious. I can just imagine her in a similar scene on MITM having an argument with Lois :D
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    Principal Block played by different actor in Season 5

    The other day I was going through my season 5 episodes on VHS. One was 1/2 way through "Dirty Magazine" from Season 5, where Principal Block was declaring all extra-curricular activities cancelled because of the explicit content in the magazine. He was played by a different actor. Did anyone...
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    Dewey's Therapy Sessions

    Just wondering if "Dewey's Therapy Sessions" is airing yet, and if so, what you guys think. I saw some clips of it yesterday on YouTube and I can't remember when filming wrapped up of MITM, but between then and the filming of "Dewey's Therapy Sessions", Erik Per...
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    Can anyone help me with playing video files?

    I can't get some video files to play :mad:. I've tried WMP, Windows Movie Maker, QuickTime and DivX, none of which will recognise the files. They are listed as "Video Clip" files, not .AVI or anything like that, and none of error messages gave any indication of additional codecs/plugins being...
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    "Graduation" - Lois's Expectations of Malcolm

    I saw this episode for the 2nd time last night, and Lois's big rant about what SHE expects that Malcolm WILL do, really annoyed me. It's no wonder Malcolm's childhood was a nightmare, having a mother like that. Sure, all mothers want the best for their kid, but there's a difference between that...
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    Follow-up of "What we do not want to see in Season 7" thread

    Prior to Season 7 starting, we had a discussion of things we didn't want to see: - Any characters killed off - Dewey have a girlfriend/boyfriend - Dewey to join the Krelboynes - Malcolm to remain being a loser and social reject - Can't anything go right for him! - Lois to have another child -...
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    Cats (Split from Post your Pics thread, which was split from House Location Thread)

    Re: The actual house location. Part 2 Ok I'll start :D
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    MITMVC advertised at!

    I was just browsing the forums, and in the Graduation thread I saw this quote: This might get us some more members :D
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    'Malcolm' merits more at series' end

    'Malcolm' merits more at series' end There's a moment in Sunday's season finale of "Malcolm in the Middle" that perfectly encapsulates the cruel, sweet irony that has plagued this sitcom family for seven years. WARNING: Contains spoilers
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    Graduation Pre-Show Discussion/Hype thread

    How was it??? :D
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    Re-Used Subplots

    Thought I would start a thread for MITM subplots that have been re-used. Two I can think of: Humilithon - Malcolm was going to crash Hal's car into Lois's so they would send him to Military School (already used with Francis) Dewey's Special Class - Dewey was asked to take an IQ test to...
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    Has anyone else noticed (earlier eps)

    that sometimes in scenes of the family eating dinner, not everyone is actually eating? Like in Pilot & Stock Car Races, where Malcolm gets himself a waffle for breakfast he sits playing around with it and doesn't actually eat it?