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    "American dad" insults Frankie Muniz!!!

    I can't believe it! If you watch "American Dad" episode S07E17 of this show and go to minute 1, Roger says:,, You are ugly like Frankie Muniz." and ,, Malcolm with an ass"! I watched American Dad on German and translated it now for you, maybe is it in English a little bit other. But watch it...
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    Frankie Muniz wird von American Dad beleidigt! Seht selbst!
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    "Malcolm in the middle" DVDs in German?

    Hey dear Malcolm friends!;) I'm Swiss and I'm talking German. I also understand English and I can talk/write on English but I'm always wachting TV and movies in German. If anybody knows where I can buy all DVDs in German, I'll be very appreciate. THX God bless you.