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  1. Gill

    Breaking Bad Alternate Ending Hello everyone, long time no see! :) Have you guys heard about the alternate ending for Breaking Bad? I didn't see an article about it until today and it's such a shame that the YouTube video is blocked (in the U.S. at least). Nevertheless, it was...
  2. Gill

    Les Misérables

    I went the day after it was released in the US and by the time I was exiting the theater, the songs were stuck in my head! :p The only problem I had was that the songs on the soundtrack aren't the full version. It's better than nothing though! Personally, I don't think Russel Crowe and Amanda...
  3. Gill

    Frankie Muniz guest starred in 'Last Man Standing'

    Frankie Muniz appeared as a guest star along with Robert Forster and Mike Rowe in "Baxter & Sons," a recent episode of Last Man Standing. Muniz, played the role of a load officer. ""Baxter & Sons" - When Mike [Tim Allen] finds out that his younger brother, Jimmy (Mike Rowe), and their father...
  4. Gill

    The House is Torn Down

    I was just checking out recent tweets and I noticed Frankie Muniz posted that the house in Malcolm in the Middle is gone. :( He stated It's a shame, I would have loved to visit the house! There's a house that looks pretty similar to it near where I live though. :bored:
  5. Gill

    Frankie Muniz- Not Suicidal, Didn't Assult Girlfriend

    Sources: TMZ obtained a police report about a dispute between Frankie Muniz and his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow. During the argument, Frankie Muniz was claimed to have pointed a gun to...
  6. Gill

    Anyone have any tips on rollerblading?

    One of my friends is throwing a party at a roller rink on 10/9/10 and I would like to go. The problem is, is that I have no idea how to roller skate. I've watched a whole bunch of videos on YouTube and 'Rollerskates' (although 'Rollerskates' didn't really help that much) and I was wondering if...
  7. Gill

    Can anyone identify where these videos are from?

    I've seen these videos before I joined the forum and I dug them up from my bookmarks to see if anyone knew where they were from? oHCfrLKDUwQ and bk4L5KOOH5s *I found out where the second video was from. Look very closely at the bottom left corner, and there's a box that will say "FOX's...
  8. Gill

    Schedule Change on Nick @ Nite

    Last time I checked the schedule on the Nick @ Nite site, MITM aired at 11 P.M. to 12. Now, it starts an hour later at 12. Anyone have any thoughts about the time change? I preferred when MITM aired at 8 P.M. since by then, I would have finished my homework and I would have time to watch it...
  9. Gill

    Bryan Cranston in an indie film called The Grief Tourist

    Bryan Cranston and Michael Cudlitz have joined the cast of The Grief Tourist which is directed by Suri Krishnamma. Bryan Cranston will be playing the character, Jim Tahana, who is the lead role as mentioned below. Sources...
  10. Gill

    Who is this Breaking Bad character?

    A few weeks (maybe months) ago, my friend mentioned that she saw Breaking Bad and claimed that she saw a guy that stated he ran over his daughter and someone else said "How can you live with yourself?" After making my friend do a few MITM related things for me :lol: I told her that I would ask...
  11. Gill

    Frankie's Tattoo

    I was just editing a promotional picture of Malcolm from season 7 when I noticed a strange marking on his left arm. Then, I realized it was the same exact mark from...
  12. Gill

    Bryan Cranston in The Lazarus Effect Campaign Commercial

    I was watching the episode, "Cheerleader" yesterday at Nick at Nite when I saw a commercial with Bryan Cranston in it. He, along with other stars in the commercial, "show the power of what 40 cents can buy." He appears from :00 to :04. gKrtG724Cek
  13. Gill

    Various Thoughts

    Well, these are my various thoughts MITM related, I just decided to title the thread "Various Thoughts" so I don't have to go an create a new thread for each thought it have. :) Anyways, has anyone noticed how often the number 5 comes up? I've seen it in "Reese's Apartment" and in "Malcolm Dates...
  14. Gill

    Francis's Birthday

    Okay, so in "Flashback" it revealed that Francis was born in the middle of Hal and Lois's wedding. Wouldn't that make his birthday on their anniversary or no? It kept me wondering because Lois and Hal's anniversary was celebrated in the episodes "Red Dress" and "Dewey's Dog" while Francis...
  15. Gill

    Find a theme song for...

    The objective of this activity is to find a theme song that best suites a: character (ex: Malcolm, Hal, etc.), episode ('Pilot', 'Graduation', etc., group/pair of people (The Wilkersons, The Krelboyne), just about anything that you can describe with music from MITM! You can pick as many as you...
  16. Gill

    Frankie Muniz and Justin Berfield

    Okay, so I posted on a different thread that Frankie Muniz voiced a zebra in the movie "Racing Stripes". He and Justin Berfield have also provided their voices for characters in Fairly Odd Parents, a Nickelodeon cartoon or Kim Possible, a Disney cartoon. Muniz voiced Chester McBadbat from...
  17. Gill

    The Middle?

    I know there's a thread about "The Middle" so I didn't really make this thread to talk about my opinions on "The Middle", but I was reading several reviews on it, and I didn't understand one. "If "The Middle" reminds me a little of Fox's long-running comedy "Malcolm in the Middle," it probably...
  18. Gill

    Avatars, Signatures, etc.

    I've made a couple of avatars so far, so check back later if I have more! :) Hope you guys like them. :D
  19. Gill

    Not New, but Hi!

    I'm not exactly new, but I realize I've never introduced myself here. So here goes! I'm 14 years old and as you probably know, I love Malcolm in the Middle. :) My other interests include making graphics (although I can rarely find time to make new ones during the school year), playing video...
  20. Gill

    Frankie Muniz in Racing Stripes (2005)

    Frankie provides the voice a zebra in the movie "Racing Stripes" back in 2005. I found 3 photos of him at the premiere, if anyone's interested. :D He looks really different in my opinion. Anyone else think so? :confused: