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    Another MITM Story... in 5 words though!

    Dewey rummaged through the trash
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    Think of a caption for the picture

    Think of a Caption for the picture!
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    Favourite Program

    ok you have to answer for the categories below Comedy- Friends, etc Cartoon Other Kid shows Soap Operas - can include desperate housewives and OC Celebrity Reality Show - CBB and "I'm a celebrity get me outta here" General Public Reality Show - BB so what are yours...
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    OMG, Think about this a a cool PC game!

    MITM Sims Are you thinking ??? Read below to find out more! Like they make a neigbourhood, with the wilkerson family in it, and the neigbours you see in all the episodes. They can put Otto's ranch in the town, and Stevies house etc. Then you can play in any of the houses, or just create you...
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    What is the guys name?

    The other day i was watching MITM on the BBC. And there was an episode where one of Hal's friends comes round to the house whilst Lois is away. I want to know what the man was called. I have a feeling it was paul, but i'm not to sure... Also what was your favouite moment of this episode whith...