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    The Ultimate MITM Quiz

    OK...we've got a quotes one but not sure about just a random one. So here we go, I'll start us off. The question is...were there ever any eps. where a character farted, and if so, what eps. were they? I think we're gonna have a lot of fun here. :cool:
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    I remember what order I saw the episode in!

    I actually pretty much remember what order I saw the series in! OK, some episodes I saw before in partial, but in full, this is roughly it... I'll organize it in a sequence like the actual 7 seasons played out: Season 1. 1. Hal's Birthday (August 2009) 2. Malcolm Films Reese (August 2009)...
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    Should Piama have become one of the main cast?

    I was reading the review of Cliques arlier and there's this part suggesting that Emy Coligado should have been added into the new theme song sequence as a cast member. I really like this idea, but unfortunately, Piama remained a part-time reaccuring member for the following 2 seasons, while...
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    Reese as a naked baby photo

    I wonder who that photo in "Reese Drives" actually was of...and if his mom gave them permission to use it :laugh:
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    Missing 3 eps? (+ special finale?)

    I found something interesting in this... synopsis for "Cliques": "Season Three has wound down, and it's missing at least four episodes from the original gameplan. Word around the campfire is that a specialty finale episode...
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    Scenes on MITM that made you want to cry?

    What scenes on MITM were there that almost sorta made you feel like you wanted to cry, either good tears or sad ones? For me, some would be: The whole ending of first sad tears and then really happy's my favorite episode Malcolm's Girlfriend: "I GAVE YOU MY SOUL!!!"...
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    Those characters who were written out...

    Over the 7 seasons of MITM a lot of characters were introduced, became reacurring characters...and were written out. :cursing: Let's see, there was... Julie Hooverman: Taken off after just 3 episodes...the reason for this was because she was supposed to be the original 9--year-old Malcolm's...
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    Favorite one-timer?

    Who would you have brought back for another ep? Yeah, I only gave a list of characters from seasons 1-3. But those seasons are the "classics", in my opinion, and I only had 10 options.
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    Amaani vs. Piama

    Amaani and Piama are my two favorite of Francis' girls! :D They are both gorgeous (well at least Piama was from season 4 on)...which one do like better? I know Piama will probably win by a landslide since she stuck with him in the long run, and I've seen complaints on this forum about how they...
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    Injuries...full list

    A full list of injuries the family (and others) have sustained over the duration of the show Season 1 1.Home Alone 4-A shelf fell on Malcolm's head 2.Home Alone 4-Reese smashed his hand 3.Home Alone 4-Francis got a knife in his face 4.Home Alone 4-Malcolm sliced his nose w/ sharp scissors...
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    Lost scene?

    In the original opening (the one shown for "Pilot and Red Dress") there is a scene of a toilet exploding right before it cuts to Chris Masterson's name...I heard there was a different cold opening for Red Dress where Malcolm sprayed his krelboyne class w/ cold toilet water...this must be it...
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    Contortionist girl in "Ida loses a leg"

    Where was Tarah Paige in the episode?
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    Francis' best girlfriend (before he married Piama)

    Which did you like best? I like Amaani, mmm, African goddess indeed!
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    Francis' hair

    Francis' hair is different in Pilot, anyone notice that? I thought it might be cause he's in military school in other eps (in OMO he points out that Richie doesn't have to cut it) but we see scenes of him before pilot in episode 3 where he has his hairstyle he has starting in Red Dress...
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    What happened at the end of "The Bots and the bees"?!

    How did they get all those bees off of him?!! Did he end up getting stung like 10,000 times!???